Sunday, October 01, 2017

For Archbishop Chaput, Father James Martin's ad hominem trashing of faithful Catholics is apparently just fine

Writing about the heretical Father James Martin, S.J., Austin Ruse notes how, "Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego wrote a column about James Martin SJ that said Martin’s critics are a cancer on the Church, that criticism of his work is driven by homophobia, a distortion of Catholic moral theology, and is an attack on Pope Francis.

This shameful column was applauded by a chorus including Elizabeth Scalia, the editor of one of the largest Catholic websites in the country, Austen Ivereigh, founder of Catholic Voices, Massimo Faggioli of Villanova University, among others.

James Martin himself has taken to calling his critics the “Catholic alt-right,” a phrase he likes very much and has repeated a number of times. Ivereigh, Faggioli and others on the left have gleefully repeated this, too. It should be noted that post-Charlottesville, “alt-right” is generally understood to be coterminous with White Supremacy and Nazism.

Let us consider what this name-calling really means. Cancers are supposed to be cut out and killed. And Nazis are supposed to be attacked..."

Now Archbishop Chaput has, most revealingly, had nothing to say about the hatred being peddled by Fr. Martin and his confused associates.  At the same time, the Archbishop has said that, "Fr. Martin is a man of intellect and skill whose work I often admire. Like all of us as fellow Christians, he deserves to be treated with fraternal good will. It’s one thing to criticize respectfully an author’s ideas and their implications. It’s quite another to engage in ad hominem trashing..."  See here.

So the Archbishop is okay with Father Martin and his intellectually retarded crowd referring to faithful Catholics who oppose homosexual acts on moral grounds as Nazis while anyone who dares to criticize Martin et al for their dissent is engaging in "ad hominem trashing."

It is significant as well that Chaput seemingly has no difficulty over Father Martin's use of the word "homophobia" in his crusade to promote the sin of homosexual sex.

This is disturbing because the word "homophobia" is employed by homosexual activists as a semantic weapon in the cultural war. Arthur Evans, co-founder of Gay Activist Alliance (GAA), explains how the homosexual movement came up with the word homophobia to characterize their opposition:

"By good fortune, George Weinberg, a straight psychologist who had long been a friend of our community, regularly attended GAA meetings. Watching with fascination our zap and the media responses, he came up with the word we had been struggling for - 'homophobia,' meaning the irrational fear of loving someone of the same sex....The invention of the word 'homophobia' is an example of how theory can be rooted in practice. The word didn't come from an arm-chair academic viewing the movement at a distance....Instead, it came from personal interactions among active, thinking people who acknowledged a shared value: the transformation of society for the better." (Arthur Evans, "The Logic of Homophobia,"

George Weinberg thereby classified moral opposition to homosexuality as a phobia: "I would never consider a patient healthy unless he had overcome his prejudice against homosexuality." (Quoted in Jack Nichols, "George Weinberg, Ph.D - Badpuppy's February Interview,"

Is this how Archbishop Chaput feels about those faithful Catholics who, siding with the Catechism of the Catholic Church - see 2357 for example -oppose homosexual acts and so-called "gay marriage"?

Does he view us as mentally ill Nazis who are to be held in contempt?

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