Monday, October 24, 2016

Francis the Destroyer has absorbed the poison of Hell...

In a review some years ago of Michael S. Rose's book entitled, "Goodbye, Good Men," Rev. Robert J. Johansen noted that, "There is too much evidence of the abuse of authority in certain dioceses and seminaries to dismiss Rose’s claims as baseless. It is still the case, even in a seminary with a reputation for orthodoxy such as St. Charles, that seminarians would not openly admit to members of the formation committee that they attended a licit (under the Ecclesia Dei indult) Tridentine liturgy for fear of being branded a “reactionary” and hounded out. I know many priests and seminarians who were subjected to harassment similar to that which Rose describes. I personally was turned away by a Midwestern seminary in the mid-1980’s for being “rigid”, “doctrinaire”, and “lacking in pastoral sensitivity.” These terms are recognized “code words” for describing seminarians and candidates who are loyal to Church teaching and discipline, and are attached to traditional forms of piety and devotion.

The genius of using such terms is that they do have a legitimate use: There really is such a thing as being rigid or inflexible; there really are priests who lack sensitivity to people’s needs or situations. By co-opting and re-defining such words, those who wished to advance their own agenda were able to masquerade as agents of the Church. Rose is correct in identifying the existence of these people and their agenda and the damage they caused." See here.

"Rigid," "doctrinaire," "lacking in pastoral sensitivity," these are indeed code words used by liberals who are Catholic in name only and for whom the Church's precepts are merely "man-made rules."  Such as Francis the Destroyer.  See my last post.

And he's at it again.  Now the False Prophet, who is inspired not by Heaven but by the poison of Hell, is suggesting that behind orthodoxy, behind fidelity to Jesus Christ and His Revelation, is...wickedness*.  See here.

But, as yet another member of the hierarch has reminded us (this time a Cardinal, See here), the faithful are not bound to follow a Pope who betrays the Church.

What Saint Louis de Montfort has to say about enemies of the Rosary Confraternity applies here because the Most Holy Rosary is a contemplation of Divine Revelation, which contains moral norms described by Francis as mere "rules and regulations":

"It is easy to see that they have absorbed the poison of hell and that they are inspired by the devil - for nobody can condemn devotion to the Holy Rosary without condemning all that is most holy in the Catholic Faith, such as the Lord's Prayer, the Angelic Salutation and the mysteries of the life, death, and glory of Jesus Christ and of His Holy Mother."

The rough Beast even now slouches toward Bethlehem, waiting to be "born." In truth, he is already here, his message being prepared by his willing dupe, his ecclesiastical puppet, his Masonic disciple.  That message will be that man has come of age, that the Church's moral norms are now outdated, that traditional-minded Christians are rigid and even evil, something to be eradicated - like useless weeds interfering with the progress of a New Garden where men shall be like gods.

The Reign of the Beast is soon to begin. But his reign is short.  His history, and that of his whoring pseudo-prophet, a modern-day Judas, has already been written.  And its end is the eternal lake of fire.

*  John 16:2.


  1. Steve Leclerc8:58 AM

    There can be no doubt now. Francis is the False Prophet foretold in Revelation. Even Bishops and Cardinals like Gracida and Zen are warning about him.

  2. Athol/Orange Catholic10:51 AM

    Francis met with Simon Cazale, an active sodomite who has sex with another man, claims to be married to this man, demands that the Church change her teaching on homosexuality, and not once implied that he is engaged in wickedness.

    But he hurls the charge of wickedness against faithful Catholics.

    He is an instrument of the Devil.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    So many times has false prophet clearly revealed his hatred for all things Holy and Sacred. And so many self-proclaiming catholics are either afraid to speak out or entirely ignorant of the damage being done against the Church from within. It brings me back on the warnings of how a very, very, very small number of humanity will be allowed in Paradise.

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    To say that the Church must adapt to modern man's needs ,is to say that Christ who was God ,the second Person of the Holy Trinity ,did not know or see the beginning and end of every human being in every age till the end of time..Each person has the free will to reject the Church's teaching,and live their lives as they see fit ,but they do not have the right to expect the Church to adapt its teaching to accommodate them.


    Jesus the world’s only true Light
    is almost completely rejected
    they keep Him out of sight
    instead of Him satan is erected

    what is this world becoming
    we’re really in apocalyptic times
    the Bible is read thumbing
    skyrocketing are the crimes

    locked is every room in the inn
    for the Savior of man
    no need for remission of sin
    to that we all say “AMEN”

    Jesus is betrayed
    even by His own disciples
    they say “enough” they prayed
    only, to their own idols

    they see themselves so illuminated
    while the True Light is extinguished
    the whole world they contaminated
    and the Truth they relinquished

    They reject the Christ in Christmas
    worshipping a lighted tree instead
    even the real Saint Nicholas
    has been left behind for dead

    We call on You, O Lord and Master
    help us to stop this abomination
    to reinstall You as our Pastor
    and as King of Your Creation

    May the time be coming soon
    that You will reign over a New World
    announce it with a Heavenly tune
    when all devils are safely furled.

    Emmanuel, God with us, who then can be against us
    Let Your Light shine upon us, especially this Christmas
    We love You Jesus
    Rita Biesemans, Christmas 2014


    O dearest Mother, Lady of Sorrows
    crying for our todays and tomorrows
    ‘cause we, Your children don’t care
    to listen to Your warnings to prepare
    for the coming abomination
    and possible eternal damnation
    if we don’t return to the Lord
    and throw our Salvation overboard
    Even seeing You cry bloody tears
    does not make us change any gears
    but what else can one expect
    when Church leaders misdirect
    and transform a saintly Lucas
    into a devil possessed Judas
    betraying Jesus as did Iscariot
    while they ride their fancy chariot
    not pulled by a donkey but by a jaguar
    using diversity and coexistence as an avatar
    The days are approaching that the real Church
    will have to hide, away from the vicious smirch
    Jesus Your Son is being crucified again
    by the pride and the ingratitude of men
    I want to dry Your tears, my sweet Mother
    your pain and sufferings I want to smother
    by following Your Son our Savior
    through an obedient and docile behavior

    Rita Biesemans, September 15 2014
    Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, I love You so much, my Heavenly Mother

  7. Anonymous1:00 PM

    i agree on all u have said about francis and i wonder if our Pope benedict will be the Pope who is martyred because i cannot imagine it to be francis (3rd secret