Saturday, August 19, 2017

Father Piotr Pawlus of Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts: Jesus had warts and was bested intellectually by the Canaanite Woman

As this EWTN article explains:

"Jesus possessed, in His human soul, the same immediate vision of God which all the saints and angels in heaven have. This means that Jesus was, at the same time, both a pilgrim on earth like us and a possessor of the immediate vision of God. Even His human nature is endowed with an abundance of supernatural gifts. He knows all things - past, present and future.

This truth was not acknowledged by Father Piotr Pawlus in a homily given during the Vigil Mass at Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts on the Gospel reading (Matthew 15: 21-28).

On the contrary, in his homily on the Canaanite woman, Father Pawlus asserted that the Gospel passage shows a "Jesus with warts" and that this passage reveals the only time Jesus was "bested in an argument."

I'm sure this nonsense appeals to the feminist man-hating status quo at Saint Mary's Church, a Church crippled by misandry and fear of masculinity.  It is, nevertheless, asinine theology.

As the Haydock commentary explains:

"Our Lord crosses the wishes of the Canaanite woman, not that he intended to reject her, but that he might bring to light the hidden and secret treasure of her virtue. Let us admire not only the greatness of her faith, but likewise the profoundness of her humility; for when our Saviour called the Jews children, so far from being envious of another's praise, she readily answers, and gives them the title of lords; and when Christ likened her to a dog, she presently acknowledges the meanness of her condition. (St. Chrysostom, hom. liii.) He refused at first to listen to her petition, says the same saint, to instruct us with what faith, humility, and perseverance we ought to pray. To make his servants more sensible of his mercy, and more eager to obtain it, he often appears to pay no attention to their prayers, till he had exercised them in the virtues of humility and patience. Ask, and you shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened to you..."

Since Jesus is God, we must say that from the very beginning of His life He knew all things and all possible things.

Pope Pius XII, in his great Encyclical on the "Mystical Body" - Mystici Corporis - given on June 29, 1943, taught: "By that blessed vision which He enjoyed when just received in the womb of the Mother of God, He has all the members of the Mystical Body continuously and perpetually present to Himself." In other words: His human soul saw the vision of God at once, and in it all knowledge is at hand. In another Encyclical, "Sempiternus Rex," in 1951, the same Pope complained many were not accepting his teaching. Then in still another Encyclical, "Haurietis aquas," in 1956, he clearly repeated his earlier teaching. Further, on July 24,1966, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope Paul VI, complained that many were still not accepting. Clearly, the repeated teaching shows the Church means to make this definite and definitive, namely, that the human soul of Jesus, from the first instant, saw the vision of God, in which all knowledge is accessible.

The notion that a sinful woman, a mere creature, somehow bested Our Lord in verbal contest is the sort of liberal bovine scatology that only the mentally ill, and radical feminists (in truth the same thing) can swallow.

Pray for this confused priest.  His warts are showing!


  1. OrangeCatholic6:56 PM

    Blasphemy. And I heard women laughing as this disgusting blasphemer issued his filth. It would appear that Piotr caters to the same ungodly rage so well documented by Donna Steichen.

    Bishop Rozanski, Saint Mary's needs an exorcism.

  2. Yuck. He sounds like he's taking some pages out of another prelate's book. (Not to mention he is wearing lace...)

  3. Dianne6:44 AM

    Pawlus is another modernist skunk filling a Church with the stink of his putrid views. Saint Mary's is a failing parish largely because of the hidden agenda of a small clique of liberal dissidents and radical leftists and also because Bishop Rozanski keeps sending sub-standard clerics who have little or no faith and who are more interested in pursuing the goods of this life than they are pursuing a life of Gospel witness and fidelity.

    Pawlus doesn't look like someone who says no to himself. And one of his Facebook pics shows him shirtless. Immodesty in a priest is revolting.

    This disaster of a cleric should be stripped of his priestly faculties for blaspheming against Our Lord!

  4. We heard the same blasphemy today in our church in SC, adding that today we have a "different interpretation of Jesus than in the past", leaving us to wonder where we can find our Lord's Catholic church!

  5. Jennifer2:39 PM

    The Spirit of Antichrist has infiltrated the Catholic Church. Like Orange Catholic, I was present for this blasphemy. And I heard laughter from the local coven. The same sort of people who, while using some of the familiar Catholic language, have a death wish for the supernatural religion of Catholicism and want to remake the Church into their own image and likeness.

    By asserting that Jesus has "warts," the modernist Piotr Pawlus is implying that Jesus has imperfections. That's what he means.

    His narrative, born in Hell, is attractive to angry, demon-infested radical feminist witches who share more in common with Wicca than Roman Catholicism.

    For such people, Jesus was merely a man ( a great man to be sure) but just a man. And, in Piotr's telling, the God Man, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, was defeated by a woman because women are so terribly gifted. Why not ordain them then?

    Piotr is serving up a false "gospel" to cater to WomanChurch. He is a fraud. His priestly faculties should be removed..

  6. So why don't the men in the church throw his ass out?

  7. Brian4:35 PM

    How Mike? Physically? The Bishop should remove this disgraceful and pathetic example of a priest and inform him that his "services" are no longer required.

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Saint Mary's is in crisis. Father Naranjo left suddenly and without notice and his Facebook page was deleted. What was that all about? And before him, Father Bermudez, left early. A parish and a Diocese in disarray.

  9. Stephen3:58 AM

    "A second point I would make is that Jesus often says or does something which allows or forces a person to demonstrate faith, not because of His own ignorance of the state of the person but for because of its witness value and no doubt for the good it may do the person. For instance, he will ask a lame or blind person what he wants from Him, as if the answer would not be obvious. Or He sleeps in a boat and allows the storms to rage around the disciples until they plead with him. And so on. So too, this woman has now become a model of faith for us, an early sign of the offer of the Gospel to Gentiles, and no doubt her own faith was confirmed and strengthened by making her case before the Lord." - Father John Echert, EWTN.

  10. Stephen3:59 AM

  11. This priest is not confused in the traditional sense. This priest is the product of 50+ years of Vatican II brainwashing!! The true catholic faith was hijacked at the inception of Vatican II. As long as these Catholic Priests refuse to cut the umbilical cord that links them to Vatican II psychobabble this will continue to fester and get worse. Paraphrasing Saint John Chrysostom “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests and Bishops as their signposts” Receiving Holy Orders is no guarantee of holiness as the case with this priest.

    Unless the TRUE catholic faithful learn to divorce themselves from the apostasy of Vatican II sad to say the road to hell will be a long one full of many catholic clergy. Two passages come to mind Jesus said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come. It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones. Or in this case lead them astray! Father Piotr Pawlus should write that on a blackboard 10,000 times until his writing causes his hand to cramp and offer it as penance to God for misleading the flock God entrusted him with. I am not judging nor condemning, I just hate to see Catholics mislead

  12. I'm not surprised that my son is ostracized at this crumbling parish. He's both masculine and a gentleman as well as a respected apologist who actually defends Catholic teaching. Not being effeminate, the radical feminists there harbor an animus against him.

    Saint Mary's needs a priest who is like my son: faithful to Catholic teaching, masculine and not a cupcake, and who won't cater to angry feminists who secretly hate Christ and His Church.

  13. What have you got padre? an STD, warts on your mind? Blasphemer.

    1. I agree..
      Diseased mind to be sure! This revolting priest needs to be removed now..
      Utterly vile!

  14. Barbara9:53 AM

    Here's a practical solution: stop tithing. Stop giving to a parish which embraces such filth. Send your donations to an orthodox Catholic organization or Religious Community.

    Why support filth and heresy?

  15. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Pawlus is ridiculous and does not have my support. I'm also concerned over lay persons standing around the altar at Communion time.

    Here's why...

    1. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist should never stand around the altar. They should stand to the side. There have been times when I too have witnessed Extraordinary Ministers standing around the altar. This constitutes a liturgical abuse.

      I refused a comment from a parishioner of Saint Mary's who refuses to acknowledge this fact.

  16. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Christ,Wisdom Incarnate had no warts ,He did have callouses ,he worked ,something this excuse for a Priest would know nothing about,judging from his well manicured hands.A little man trying to find imperfections in Perfection Personified.