Saturday, December 30, 2006

Catholics and the New Age

This article makes mention of how the Vatican has linked the Centering Prayer Movement to the New Age. And yet, many "Catholic" retreat centers such as Joseph House (which belongs to the Ste. Marie Parish community in Manchester, New Hampshire), continue to offer Centering Prayer retreats and workshops. See:



Anonymous said...


May you have a Blessed and Happy New Year filled with God's love.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed very strange that St. Marie's is promoting Centering Prayer against the Vatican's warning. But then, many parishes have succumbed to New Age ideology and occult practices.

We should pray for them.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...


And may the Christ-child fill you with His peace, love, joy and fortitude and every good thing your heart desires in this New Year.

God love you Marie-Cecile!


God bless your fidelity to the Church's teaching Magisterium. And you are absolutely correct. We should keep Ste. Marie's Parish in our prayers. That they will renounce that which opposes the Divine Will as made known through Holy Mother Church's Magisterium and will some day embrace everything it means to be a welcoming parish community.

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