Friday, July 27, 2007

Stormfront and the SBC in Richmond, New Hampshire...

Mr. Tom Matson, a technology consultant who resides in Cheshire County and who frequently leaves comments at the SBC Watch Blog, has just reported the following: Stormfront, a notorious White Supremacist organization, has initiated a discussion thread at their website:, which begins with this lead:

"SPLC stirring up trouble in New Hampshire

A small sect of traditionalist Catholics have lived peacefully in rural Richmond, New Hampshire for more than twenty years. The group, known as the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, established a retreat in the quiet town during the 1980's, which they call the Saint Benedict Center, building a convent, a monastery, a church, and a school, raising families, going about their business and committed to leading spiritual lives in the bucolic, out-of-the-way village.

All that is about to change. Morris Dees, the nation's most notorious and successful barrator, has set his sights on the group. Dees may not be the wealthiest ambulance-chaser in the country - that distinction probably belongs to the well-married Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry - but he is very good at what he does. Like many shysters who sue people for a living, Dees operates a front corporation as a cash repository and tax dodge; Dees calls his the Southern Poverty Law Center, and at last report, the SPLC disposed of more than $175 million in cash. Admittedly, do-gooder Dees salaries himself at a piddling $275 thousand a year. That kind of money wouldn't keep Kerry in cufflinks, but at roughly $750 a day, every day of the year, including shabbot and Halloween, not a bad second income. That's just his base salary - there's lots more to his cut in perks, like his personal bodyguards; and Dees' personal fortune, while not known to us, is no doubt considerable. Remember this operation is 501(c)(3) - tax exempt.

Dees' hostility and contempt for decent people in general and Christians in particular is well established. He and his merry band of licensed legal weasels have filed lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit against Christians, hassling Christian organizations, Christian political figures, and Christian projects at every opportunity, always with his hand out to the Jews for "donations" and featuring his latest attacks as his product, and he has a very successful track record, recently unseating an Alabama Supreme Court justice, Roy Moore. In a 2006 version of his perennial fundraising brochure, the Intelligence Report, Dees targeted the traditionalist Catholics, skilfully skewering these particular Christians, their churches, and their clergy as hate criminals and loony cultists.

In the most recent update to his brochure, aimed at the Richmond church, Dees cleverly adds the charge of terrorist. When Dees' lackeys descended on Richmond a few months ago, the brothers and sisters of the Immaculate Heart church were wise enough to have nothing to do with them, but that didn't stop the SPLC hit team from engaging with the local busybodies and stirring up rumors of midnight machine gun practice and martial arts training at the "cultist compound". Dees raises the spectre of Waco and hints that another massacre at the hands of federal gunmen just might be in order for this church, too.

It appears that Dees' longtime hatchet-hag Heidi Beirich has a worthy understudy, one Suzy Buchanan, and Suzy ominously reports that the locals live in fear of the church members, who are "taking over the town". As proof, Suzy reports that three church members have been elected to local posts, and attributes a "hostile church voting bloc" imposed upon the townsfolk. Get a load of Suzy's hit piece right here: Kosher to the rotten core. Need I remind anyone that the Jews literally buy into this thinly veiled bushwacking, and they send Dees millions in cash every year, stoked by the SLPC's constant race-baiting drumbeat and stories of nazis under every bed. Dees' operation is in fact essentially a Jew operation, which he co-founded with a Jew, Joe Levin.

The president of his legal front is a Jew, one Richard Cohen; the "Director of Research" Heidi Beirich is a Jewess; his right hand hit-man, Mark Potok, is a Jew; his chief jackal's-bitch-at-law, Rhonda Brownstein, is a Jewess - a rancid bunch of Shylocks indeed, lousy with Jews from top to bottom. Are we surprised? Not at Stormfront we're not. (There is hardly a negro to be found at the Poverty Palace, by the way, excepting the cleaning staff, and of course Julian Bond's hallowed name on the letterhead.)

If the members of the Immaculate Heart community are a bit nervous now, they have good reason to be; as many a Christian can attest, when Dees sics his dogs on you, you have got serious problems. He will never allow them to add on to their school - they can just forget that, but he won't likely stop there. Life as they know it may very well be over. Almost certainly Dees has a team of flinty-eyed Jew lawyers researching legal maneuvers in New Hampshire law libraries right now, and they have the new approach to eminent domain in their arsenal.

We doubt the Immaculate Heart community can afford to defend themselves from Dees in court. The community and their church and school have been in Richmond for over twenty years, and nobody ever heard a peep from there until the SPLC lashed out at them. Now, as Suzy gloats, they find themselves at the center of heated controversy, hysterical allegations, rumors amok, and the glare of the State. It is a given that Dees will file suit if he possibly can. This is too juicy a target. He has a local proxy lined up, the village communist Paul Anthony Melanson, to gain standing in New Hampshire court. That's all he needs - that and a legal excuse, and no one can doubt that Morris Dees can conjure such an excuse in his sleep. The future is bleak for the traditional Catholics of Richmond, New Hampshire. It's entirely possible that their church and school property will be taken from them and plowed over, at Dees' behest - within just a few short years."

And so now I am "the village communist." An anonymous individual who posted a comment at this Blog would disagree with the bright lights at Stormfront. This individual, who used the name "Summer Dog," accused me of being "an empty capitalist materialist" who is a "traitor to all going to these anti-Christ Jews and joining them in a kvetch session."

Actually, I have been exposing the flawed theology and anti-Semitism of the SBC for years now. If I am a "traitor to all Christianity" for opposing anti-Semitism, then the Roman Catholic Church is also guilty of betraying "all Christianity." For Holy Mother Church condemns anti-Semitism as incompatible with the Gospel.

The hatred is mounting. At SBC Watch, another individual going by the name Sander referred to me as a "Jew-loving sh..bag."

Is this what the SBC means by "Holy Hate?"


Anonymous said...

The hatred is demonic Paul. It seems significant to me that Stormfront would come to the defense of the SBC. They are, after all, of like mind. I wonder if the SBC has ever received monies from Stormfront or any other well-known hate group.

Sanctus Belle said...

Paul, love this post, but have you noticed that your membership/webring widget is covering your first post? You may want to move it the bottom or sideline...obscures the first several lines of your initial post - FYI. Keep up the good work.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Sanctus, thank you for the kind note. I checked my widget (that word comes across as risque somehow), but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. What does this mean? I am not the most tech-saavy alas...could you assist me with this?

Thanks friend and God love you.

Anonymous said...

Why would the residents of Richmond tolerate or permit this hate group in their town? Are most residents aware of this group's activities? At the very least the story is getting out. I live in California but stumbled across your story while researching the story of La Salette. Keep doing what you're doing. This sort of hatred and bigotry just doesn't belong in 21st century America.

Anonymous said...

Moneyed Jewish interests define "anti-semitism".

For example many jews argue that cutting aid for the Israeli military is "anti-semitism".

Stating that jews had been the major influence in fermenting the war in Iraq, and that they are now calling for war in Iran is "anti-semitism".

Raising a Christmas tree on public property is "anti-semitism".

You are post-Christian shabbos goy / Noachide. The "chosen people" are your messiah.

The Christian does not recognise "anti-semitism" as valid.

The Catholic Church has revived the Latin Mass. Ut-ohhs.

"Let us pray also for the perfidious jews, that our god and our lord would lift the veil from their hearts, and that they might recognized Jesus Christ, our Lord."

Looks like you have to ditch the rest of your integrety and latest identity, you can't be a Catholic, Jew's say "jump", you say "how high?", you're a bloodthirsty jingoist, a shill for the Zionist American empire. You'd rather be with the jews, philo-semitic and doing their bidding, selling your Christian bretheren down the river for a few more shekles for your master hooknose. You are the same as Bush. You are a warmonger coward.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

"Summer Dog," I have left your last comment up so that others may see your hate for themselves. Your juvenile and inane comments will simply be deleted in the future.

I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

When a group like Stormfront is defending you, it's time to make an examination of conscience. Dear Lord.

JayG said...

Admittedly I am late to following this story, but thanks for the updates and for your efforts.

Also, what sanctus belle reports about the webring happens when you use FireFox, but not with Internet Explorer.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks Jay for that. I have internet explorer but have never heard of firefox...except in the Clint Eastwood movie...:)

Anonymous said...

Some questions present themselves to those who are interested in the truth. 1. What does the Diocese of Manchester think about the Stormfront defense of the SBC Cult?

2. What does the Diocese intend to do (if anything) about "Brother" Andre Marie's illicit "ordination" to the diaconate?

3. What does the Diocese of Manchester think about Fr. Jarecki's support for violence as a tool to oppose abortion?

4. Is the IRS going to investigate the tax exempt status of the SBC in light of the organization's false claim to be Roman Catholic?

5. Is the Diocese of Manchester planning any action against the SBC?

6. Will the town of Richmond finally get serious and simply say no to an anti-Semitic hate group in its midst?

7. Why is the Four Corners business still supporting an anti-Semitic hate group and why has an individual named Brian left a comment at the Keene Sentinel Blog indicating that he is "appalled" at SBC opponents' remarks while seemingly having no problem whatsoever with the anti-Semitic remarks and Holocaust denial of the SBC?

8. Why is it that Matt Abbott published "Brother" Andre Marie's appeal for financial help but has REMAINED SILENT about the substantial observations of Susy Buchanan's article on the SBC and the Diocese of Manchester's statement that the SBC is not affiliated IN ANY WAY with either the Diocese or the Roman Catholic Church?

Roger Vaste

p.s. Look Brian, I used my FULL NAME.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Roger, thanks for that posting. You ask some very good questions.

Anonymous said...

Summer Dog and Sander are frightening. How can anyone harbor this much hatred for others of a different Faith? To refer to Paul as a s--tbag and to talk of a master hooknose just reinforces what Paul and other courageous individuals have said for so long-that SBC and its sympathizers are intolerant, immature, name-calling hypocrites.
Many in Richmond see only one side of the people from SBC. They see these "polite,courteous, people of modest means" and think they are oh so nice. What they don't know is what we all do. Richmond residents who are not well informed or educated or simply choose ambivelence or apathy as a way of life, will hopefully awaken soon.
This is not unlike what happened in Nazi Germany. Surely Hitler and his followers sat down each evening at the dinner table, smiling and cooing at their children. They politely acknowledged their neighbors with a smile and a tip of the hat as they walked down the street. The Jews did not see them as hateful or intolerant until it was too late.
Wake up Richmond. Speak out against intolerance and bigotry. Be a model town for all to follow. Stand up for what is good and right before it is too late. You may find Al Tibbs, Sander and Summer Dog and all who are like them as your new neighbors. Or, maybe they already are your neighbors. You really wouldn't know, would you???

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