Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Berkshire Eagle has its own idea of what constitutes "Church." And it is demonic.

"We express our gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI for his leadership and courage in dealing with the problem of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, and we condemn the unjust attacks made against him by certain elements of the secular media." - Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Statement signed by more than 40 professors and intellectuals.

In an editorial entitled "Where to find the Church," The Berkshire Eagle asserts, "The pedophile scandal has ensnared Pope Benedict XVI, both as Pope and as the influential Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger..." But this assesment is not shared by those in touch with reality and who do not possess an anti-Catholic agenda. See here. The Berkshire Eagle isn't interested in facts, only anti-Catholic propaganda.

And so the newspaper attempts to convince its readership that, "..Cardinal Ratzinger ended the ongoing investigation into Father Maciel's behavior [Father Maciel DelGado, Founder of the Legionaries of Christ], reportedly telling a Mexican bishop that 'it isn't prudent'....Eight years later, Cardinal Ratzinger, now the pope, removed Father Maciel from all priestly duties..."

But as E.D. Kain has said, "I think it is far more likely that Ratzinger acted as quickly and as prudently as he could given the many obstacles preventing any swift action against Maciel. Some things simply take time, especially in an organization such as the Church, and with the sort of protections afforded Maciel by John Paul II under the influence of his advisors. Far from a reason to continue to call for Benedict’s resignation, this information should illuminate just how thankful we should all be that Ratzinger became pope. Indeed, many resignations are in order, but Benedict’s is not one of them..."

Not only did Pope Benedict XVI sanction Father Maciel after his election to the papacy, prohibiting the priest from celebrating Mass in public and ordering him to live a "private life" of prayer and penance, but in 2009 the Holy Father launched an investigation into the community he founded.

The Berkshire Eagle has its own agenda. Which is why the newspaper is determined to calumniate the Holy Father while promoting the heretic priest Father James Scahill as a model of "Church." Which is why the newspaper refuses to acknowledge that most of the abuse has been homosexual in nature.

The Church is not to blame. Sexual abuse of minors is a societal problem. Let's put the blame where it belongs.

The key to authentic reform: See here.


  1. Jonathan4:48 PM

    The Berkshire Eagle wants to hold Fr. Scahill up as "courageous"? That is so absurd it defies imagination. The priest wasn't "courageous" enough to report the "sleepovers" that Fr. Lavigne was having with boys. Or the reports he was getting from parents.

    No, Pope Benedict XVI has shown courage. Fr. Scahill is just another dissident with a modernistic agenda.

    The false accusations against Pope Benedict XVI have fallen flat. Now is the time to purge priests like Fr. Scahill who put children at risk by failing to report suspicious activity and those few Bishops who engaged in coverups.

    The Holy Father is to be commended for his determination to cleanse the Church of the filth.

  2. Henry Leblanc6:39 PM

    Most of those in the liberal media have their own biases and are angry that the Catholic Church will not change her teaching to suit their fancy. They want the Church to condone abortion, homosexuality and other societal evils. But that's not going to happen.

  3. David6:58 PM

    This story just doesn't have any legs as they used to say in the newspaper profession. It's really just tired now. I suspect that the Berkshire Eagle is just desperate to boost sales and wants to excite readers with manufactured gossip. Most local papers - and even some of the larger ones - are really doing poorly. The local paper is pretty much obsolete like the abacus. Obituaries and comics aren't enough to justify buying these worthless publications with their silly liberal slant on virtually everything they print.

    The Eagle has landed. On its own credibility.

  4. Anonymous7:20 AM

    You over-use the word "demonic". Not all things you disagree with are demons. That is an over-simplification of the world.

  5. Really anonymous? When someone - anyone - endorses a Catholic priest who refers to Jesus Christ (the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity; the Incarnate Word, the God-Man, Our Savior) as "insidiously evil," I call that demonic.

    Call it what you like. But as a member of Christ's Mystical Body, I believe in truth in advertising.