Saturday, October 07, 2017

Father James Martin, S.J., implicitly spurns God Himself while committing heresy...

A couple of weeks ago I was criticized on Facebook by a Catholic housewife (Toni Vercillo) who is defending the heretic Father James Martin, S.J., who advances the LGBT agenda and asserts that homosexual acts are not sinful.  I called Martin a heretic and this housewife, who fancies herself a theologian without any formal training in theology, told me that, "Only the Church has the divine right to call someone a heretic."

What this unfortunate woman does not understand, and she is by no means alone in this regard, is that the Church does not have to formally charge someone with the crime of heresy for that person to be - in fact - a heretic.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which this unlearned woman is unfamiliar with:

"Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same.." (2089).

Dr. Germain Grisez, one of the most respected moral theologians in the Catholic Church, explains that one can commit heresy in one's heart by a single choice.  He writes, "Canon Law limits heresy to the 'obstinate' denial or calling into question of a truth which is to be believed with divine and Catholic faith.  It might be supposed that 'obstinate' implies prolonged persistence in a heretical opinion despite an admonition to give it up. Like any other sin, however, heresy can be committed without any outward act to provoke a challenge and without obduracy, that is, persistence in sin over time.  Obstinate signifies that the sin of heresy is in purposely refusing to accept what one knows the Church holds to be divinely revealed."

How serious is heresy?  Again Dr. Grisez: "To see the seriousness of heresy, it is essential to remember that propositions of faith are not mere sets of words, but are truths which the words express and which bring one into touch with divine reality.  The heretic really rejects part of the reality which God wished to share with humankind in revealing Himself.  Moreover, that reality should be accepted inasmuch as God reveals it; thus, the heretic implicitly spurns God Himself."

A sign of this sin's gravity is that one who commits it is automatically excommunicated.  See c. 1364, 1 of the Code of Canon Law.

Got that Mrs. Vercillo?  Automatically excommunicated!

Now, as this article explains:

Fr. Martin asserts that chastity is not required of homosexuals

Fr. Martin states that Catholics should reverence gay "marriage"

Fr. Martin supports transgenderism in children

Fr. Martin supports a dissident priest who promotes gay "marriage" and women "priests"

Fr. Martin publicly derides Catholics adhering to Church teaching on homosexuality as "homophobic" and "close-minded"

Fr. Martin affirms the idea of active gays kissing at Mass

Fr. Martin claims former homosexuals don't lead a fully "integrated life"

Fr. Martin characterizes censured pro-gay nun Sr. Jeannine Gramick as worthy of sainthood

Fr. Martin publicly suggests that God created homosexuals that way

Fr. Martin publicly welcomes the esteem of dissident, pro-gay groups condemned by the Holy See

Fr. Martin publicly promotes homosexuals' ordination to the priesthood

Fr. Martin publicly supports a scholar who proclaims "Jesus is queer"

Fr. Martin publicly refers to the Holy Spirit as "She"

If you cannot admit to yourself that Father James Martin, S.J. is a heretic, you might think about extracting your cranium from your Gluteus maximus.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Dear Lord, this false shepherd is so blind he can't see the black hole in front of him.

    Christ, heal him and restore his rational mind before it is too late.

  2. Father Malachy Martin once said that one of the worst things about losing one's Catholic Faith is that you don't know that you have lost it. This thought applies to very many in the Church today.


    The signs of the times
    speak loud and clear
    the sounds of the chimes 
    are set in high gear 

    Progressives are winning
    the hearts and the mind
    of those who are sinning
    while keeping them blind

    They play the “good guys”
    people are in adoration
    gladly following their lies 
    on the way to damnation

    Rome will loose the faith
    said Our Lady at La Salette
    they close the Heaven’s gate
    playing the harbinger’s trumpet

    Nowadays everything goes
    “Jesus forgave all sinners”
    forget violent Death Throes
    In Jesus there are only winners

    No words about “go and sin no more”
    no life style change exhortation
    no admonition on how to restore
    the only true way to our salvation

    Rome Rome you kicked out Peter
    and gave Jesus the Judas kiss
    remember the end of this cheater
    “repent’ or end up in the abyss !!!

    Rita Biesemans, October 9 2014

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    And making the Luciferian had sign for the devil, to boot! If that isn't obvious to his supporters whose side he's on, then nothing else can be said to them.

  5. Chastity is not required of sodomites? This "father" has some chutzpah, considering how God punished Sodom and Gomorrah.

    If playing with one's genitalia in most unnatural ways is not sinful, why would adultery be? I was made to desire another's husband. I can't not play, when I feel like it.

    We were all made "this way" - thieving, murderous, lying, greedy, prideful, lustful, boastful and self-serving.

    James Martin was initially calling on his critic to consider the fact that sodomy is just one of many sins. He appealed to critics to stop focusing on sinners-sodomites, for this constitutes a hypocritical discrimination. Very quickly, when some pointed out to him, that no one in Church would dream of "building bridges" to thieves, killers and adulterers, by encouraging them to sin more (perhaps during Mass - Martin sees no problem with sodomites kissing in church), as God made them his way, this "father" realized that for his agenda to have some logic in it, he must deny the evil of the sin crying for vengeance to heaven.

    He is now directly contradicting God - he thinks he outgrew God, on account of what the appalling heretic presents as beauty and logic of sodomite "love" - unhealthy, disgusting, unnatural anal activities.

    A man loves another by being his friend.


    Though I am the Light
    you walk in the darkness
    Though I am the Might
    you follow the barkless

    Though I am the Truth
    you prefer the lier’s booth
    Though I am the Way
    you say it’s ok to be gay

    Though I am the Life
    you choose eternal death
    Where weeping and gnashing is rife
    and for sure there won’t be any Meth

    Oh you stubborn generation
    stop this horrific aberration
    You keep flirting with the seducer
    so don’t blame Me, blame the abuser

    Though I am the utter Merciful 
    I’m also the eternal Just
    Your behavior is extremely hurtful
    My patience you finally bust.

    Wake up and smell the coffee or it will be too late.
    Lord, please, hasten Your Coming

    Rita Biesemans, May 13 2014

  7. This poor man is not only a 'raving heretic', but he is leading others on the way that they should not go. For his own heresy alone, his soul is in mortal danger, but he is also leading others down the same black hole of which he is responsible 100 fold. Did not St. Paul say: "I work out my salvation with fear and trembling?" This man has NO FEAR of the King of Kings? This man doesn't have a Catholic bone in his body. He is worshiping the opposite of God which is Satan himself. He needs to have the collar ripped right off of him. He is no more a Priest of God than I am the Queen of England.

    Now is the time for people to 'choose' which side they are on. This, I do believe is the separation of the sheep from the goats. Pray for people to choose the correct side. The time for 'fence sitting' is long over, that ship has already sailed. And people need to learn their faith! We all need to pray our Rosaries daily!! The Blessed Mother will indeed guide those who honor and venerate her in the way they should go! She is gathering her little army now!