Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts: Prayers for man accused of sexual assault, nothing for alleged victim, a minor

From The Greenfield Recorder:

"MANCHESTER, N.H. — Officials are investigating the death of an inmate from Orange, who was being held on multiple charges of sex crimes against a juvenile.
Keith Sullivan, 38, was pronounced dead at 4:21 p.m. Wednesday after he was transported from the Hillsborough County House of Corrections to Elliot Hospital in Manchester. He was unresponsive during the ambulance ride to the hospital, the Associated Press reported.
Sullivan had been arrested in Nashua, N.H., last month after a lengthy investigation by the Nashua Police Department into claims by a juvenile that Sullivan had molested him.
According to a statement by the Nashua Police Department, detectives received information in January that Sullivan had sexually assaulted the juvenile, who was known to Sullivan.."

The following is from Saint Mary's Parish in Orange, Massachusetts.  Several weeks ago, there was a call for prayer for Mr. Sullivan.  But no such prayer request for the alleged victim of Mr. Sullivan.


  1. I found this troubling as well. Not to mention scandalous. It's one thing to offer quiet prayers or a Mass for someone accused of a crime. But to call for prayers for such a person via the pulpit or to advertise a Mass and reception in the bulletin seems inappropriate.

    To add insult to injury - no prayer supplications for the minor.

  2. Robert T6:46 PM

  3. David1:47 AM

    He was involved in organizing a youth group according to this..

  4. Orange Catholic6:22 AM

    A Church in rot. Read this from The American Spectator

  5. Diabolical disorientation has been seeping into the Church at the parish level for years. Who in their right mind, especially a priest,would advertise such a memorial? And the omission of any mention of praying for the juvenile victim and their family is just insensitive in the extreme.Praying for your parish priest. Sad

  6. I can't see how anyone could make the argument that the church cares about victims of clerical sex assault at all. It's been all sappy apologies and no action. Meaningless. They seem intent on continuing the behavior as it has never been adequately addressed. If they were serious zero tolerance on homosexuals entering seminary would have happened long ago, certainly after 2002 when the sex scandals hit. But this has never happened, and now homosexualists are appointed to the highest positions in the church. It's worse than they don't care, they condone.

  7. This is unacceptable! I do pray for the soul of the man who passed on, but tje victim should in fact be prayed for, counselled, taken good care of in terms of assurance and trauma management. What kind of charity is being communicated here?

  8. We will all know in the fullness of eternity which commandment was broken, either the sixth or the eighth.

    I assume Mr. Sullivan was beaten to death over this charge. The charge of pedophile and prison general population is a deadly combination.

    Involvement in a 'youth group' for an adult male, or female(but lesser so) is stupid. Youth groups are stupid and a evangelical invention that we never should have adopted.

  9. At the obituary page for Keith Sullivan, one parishioner (WC) asserts that Keith is already "in God's home."

    In light of the charges against him, this is an audacious claim.

  10. Amy, the Sixth Commandment has to do with adultery. The Eigth with bearing false witness.

    The charges against Mr. Sullivan were the result of a month long criminal investigation conducted by the Nashua Police Department and resulted in that department filing criminal charges which include several counts of felonious sexual assault, extortion and kidnapping.

    I'm concerned that there may be other victims. After all, Mr. Sullivan was involved in Saint Mary's youth group.

  11. Youth groups are an occasion of sin for the mixed participants and they are an opportunity for predators.

    They were never Catholic. They should be abolished, I personally have seen little supernatural good come from them.

    This guy would not have had the opportunity to predate on minors if there was no (((youth group)))

  12. "I'm concerned that there may be other victims. After all, Mr. Sullivan was involved in Saint Mary's youth group."

    Well, he can no longer harm them, and we will know the truth at the general judgment. These kids will reject the Catholic faith because of something that was never Catholic..(((youth groups))).

    They are a problem for the protestant churches too, same kind of stuff happens. My local Baptist church has issues with boys stalking girls they like whom they met in the (((youth group))).

    MY POINT is end youth groups.

  13. Robert6:10 PM

    Now calls for Francis to resign