Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is there a Feeneyite-Neo-Nazi/White-Supremacist Connection?

In his e-letter of January 13, 2004, Mr. Karl Keating (the founder of Catholic Answers, a Catholic apologetics apostolate), expressed his concern over the fact that the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire has not renounced the hard-core anti-semitism which may be found at www.fatherfeeney.org. He wrote, "Have the folks at the Saint Benedict Center - including old-timers who used to join Feeney in Boston Common - renounced the anti-semitism that used to come from the mouths of Feeneyite speakers? Have they renounced the anti-semitism that was the chief note of 'The Point' and therefore of the Saint Benedict Center in the 1950's? Have they renounced the anti-semitism that appears at the website of the other Feeneyite offshoot? Not that I can determine. They have sidestepped such questions. They still run articles from 'The Point,' and that suggests they are not overly embarassed about what appeared in that publication..."

It is indeed very strange that the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond has not renounced the website of the Feeneyite offshoot which maintains a website which is very antagonistic toward the Jewish People. And all the more disturbing since this website has a link to a website which serves as a sort of hub or clearinghouse for various anti-semitic hate-groups such as Aryan Nation and the KKK. If one visits this link: http://www.fatherfeeney.org/point/56-mar.htm one cannot help but notice a banner ad which reads "heretical." This banner ad is actually a link to the website which serves as a hub for hate-groups.

At the top of this website's opening page, there is a quote from Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf (My Story) which reads, "If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen." This website also has a little statement which asserts that the website has to move often, sometimes every week, to avoid government authorities who would seek to "censor" their "point of view." As well as this little poem: "If we're to survive, let alone thrive, We've got to get rid of the yid."

One may find many articles at the "Heretical Press" website which demean Jewish People, African-Americans, women, and various other groups which are deemed "subhuman." Also, there are a multitude of links to websites owned and operated by various other hate-groups. For example, the following websites (and many more) are listed:

"Ohrdruff," a website dedicated to anti-semitism which includes a picture of two hanged men and the caption: "These hebe criminals were caught dealing in the black market and were turned into windchimes as a result."

"Stormfront," which is billed as the "..most popular Nationalist website worldwide."

"NSDAP/AO," which is billed as "not a neo-nazi organization but the real thing."

"Knights of the KKK," which needs no introduction.

"Historical Review Press," which claims to be operated by a "long established British publisher" responsible for a work entitled "Did six million really die."

"Focal Point Publications," which discusses "the concerted antics of Jews in suppressing free speech."

"Final Conflict," a website which is supposedly "British-Internationalist" and which is clearly Neo-Nazi.

"Comedy Porn," billed as "Wacky and perverse: the mother of all porn sites."

And various other websites, such as Aryan Nation and one called "Air Photo Evidence" which purports to have "aerial photographs of German WWII concentration camps" which prove that "there is no evidence of the extermination of millions of people."

Why would the website which serves as a clearinghouse for anti-semitic and other hate groups be advertised at a Feeneyite website? Is the community in Richmond supportive of www.fatherfeeney.org? If not, why haven't they renounced the anti-semitism which may be found there as Mr. Karl Keating has noted in his e-letter? And why has the founder of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, Mr. Douglas Bersaw, denied the Holocaust?

These are disturbing questions. And, as Mr. Keating has said, they have been side-stepped by the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond.

Until next time,
God love you
Paul Anthony Melanson

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