Friday, May 27, 2005

A Troubling Advertisement at the Union Leader's Website

It has come to my attention that the Manchester Union Leader's website is running an advertisement for an organization calling itself "7" When one visits the Union Leader's website and clicks on the opinion link: one may find the advertisement for this organization. Upon clicking on the ad link, one is taken to the following website:

There, one is invited to participate in an online course which will explain "How genuine spirituality gave way to rigid dogma" and the "fine line that separates the two." Readers are then told that "Spirituality can be the most empowering, most liberating, most life-giving force in all the world...or it can be a tool for greed, manipulation and control. And its been exactly that for millions of people over the centuries."

For those who choose to take the "course," Perry Marshall will explain "key milestones in Church history" and will "dissect the most common lies" and "illuminate the fault line that separates genuine spirituality from empty religious dogma."

Empty religious dogma? As Catholics, we understand that Dogmas are those Church doctrines which the Church proposes for belief as formally revealed by God. And nothing revealed by God may be said to be "empty."

I would encourage faithful Catholics to register their complaint with the Union Leader by visiting the link I have provided and clicking on the "contact us" link.

God love you all,
Paul Anthony Melanson

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