Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Diocese of Manchester NH on the Saint Benedict Center

The Diocese of Manchester stated in a letter of 29 September 1999:

"The St Benedict Center is located in Richmond, NH, and is therefore within the boundaries of the Diocese of Manchester. However, the Center is in a canonically 'irregular' status with the Bishop of Manchester. Basically, the Center refuses to operate within the authority of the bishop and, therefore, operates outside the legitimate authority of the church. There are two reasons for this, outlined in a 1995 letter written by then Msgr. (now Auxiliary Bishop) Francis J. Christian:

1. They continue to refuse to accept the understanding of the formula, 'No Salvation Outside The Church.'
2. They are canonically irregular in regard to the church because they are present in the diocese without permission of the bishop and are running ministries without the permission of the bishop and because they have no legitimate authority who has oversight over them and to whom they are responsible."

Also problematic is this community's intention to seek priestly ordination for one of its own (Brother Andre Marie) without dimissorial letters (canonical permission) from the local ordinary.

These confused souls claim to follow in the footsteps of St. Louis de Montfort. But nothing could be further from the truth. St. Louis de Montfort lived his life in total obedience to Holy Mother Church. He did not engage in disobedience as do the members of the Saint Benedict Center. And he certainly did not engage in anti-semitism.


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