Saturday, October 22, 2005

Worcester Diocese still in crisis

This article courtesy of the Worcester Voice website maintained By Mary Jean of Leominster, Massachusetts:

Friday October 21, 2005

Pastor of Our Lady of Loreto Parish, Fr James Aquino, subject of lewd conduct incident in Las Vegas.

Fr. James Aquino pastor of Our Lady of Loreto Parish and Director of the Permanent Diaconate Program (training for new deacons) is allowed to stay in ministry after October 21, 20004 sexual incident.

October 21, 2004, two undercover Las Vegas police officers, while in an Adult book store and theater, observed one Larry xxxx and Fr. James Aquino engaging in lewd conduct in a place open to the public (Arrest Report#1920773).

This information was furnished to Bishop Robert McManus in March 2005 by the The Roman Catholic Faithful. In their summer 2005 publication, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (page 8) the story of Fr Aquino was released.

The two men were seen masturbating each other without concealing it in a place open to the public. Both men were escorted outside. Aquino said he had no identification on him - checks were run on a fake social security
number furnished by Aquino, with negative results. After a few minutes he admitted he had identification in his shoe, a Massachusetts driver’s license. The picture reflected Aquino in a Roman collar, and he admitted he gave
false information because he was a priest.

Fr. James Aquino was cited for Lewd Conduct, Obstructing and False Information.

Mr. Daniel Dick of the Worcester VOTF, sent a letter to Bishop McManus dated September 30, 2005. In this letter Mr. Dick writes, this report was sent to me by a Stephen Brady, a board member of the Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. in Petersburg, Illinois. I gather that, from copies of e-mails sent to me, that you have already received this information, that you have contacted the civil authorities in Las Vegas and that Rev. Aquino has also been informed of this exchange.

Mr. Dick in closing question why the Worcester Diocesan Directory shows Rev. James J. Aquino as both pastor and director of the diaconate program while this matter appears to be unresolved.

Bishop McManus replied to Mr. Dick on October 17, 2005. Bishop McManus shocking letter includes a copy of a response from Fr Aquino's attorney. The attorney states he can not divulge matter of confidential nature, which affects innocent, honest individuals. Further the lawyer replies Fr Aquino was not arrested by rather issued a citation. The lawyer projects that the charges were dismissed, by the Justice court of Las Vegas, however in review of actual court documents a plea bargain was arranged with the court by Father Aquino's counsel.

There is still a homosexual network within the Church which needs to be exposed. That a Bishop would allow Fr. Aquino to remain in ministry is deeply disturbing.


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