Sunday, February 05, 2006


An individual has hijacked an old blog of mine: and is posting while using my name as the Blog owner. I am not involved in any capacity with this Blog. I am getting the word out since the individual who has done this is obviously up to no good. A caption at this Blog reads "The musings of a nerd." Well, I'll accept the "nerd" label. Perhaps there is some good-natured ribbing there. What concerns me is that this Blog could be used to advance ideas which I do not share and would certainly never advance. This individual may even decide to post pornography or other inappropriate material at this Blog. Thus far, all that has been posted are various citations from the Baltimore Catechism. It could be that this individual was simply "testing the waters."

At any rate, I no longer operate this Blog and am not connected with it in any way. I suspect that this incident (which was discovered by a friend of mine by sheer chance while exploring another website's links) may be connected to recent attempts at hacking my computer.

Please pray for this individual.

God love you,


Sir Lancelot said...

That is Satan trying to wreak even more havoc than he already has. His reward is coming to him, though.

Eric Levan said...

There are some very warped individuals out there carrying a lot of baggage...Many of these people are bored and like to create trouble and stir up dissensions.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I think you're both right. Satan uses those who are "carrying a lot of baggage" - emotional baggage - as well as bored individuals to accomplish his designs and to stir up animosity between people.

All the more reason to pray for this person/s.

God love you,

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