Saturday, May 27, 2006

La Salette: As pertinent as ever

Unfortunately, many Catholics today have become desensitized to the evils of our present epoch. I've met those within the Church who never seem to find the time to oppose these evils*, evils such as abortion, contraception, the homosexual agenda, fornication, adultery, immodesty, profanity, new age paganism and so on and so forth. What these people do find the time to criticize is faithful Catholics who actually witness to their faith.

Their punishment will be all the worse. In the words of Fr. Harrison:

Let us turn to Our Lady of La Salette and offer her Memorare:

Remember, Our Lady of La Salette, true mother of Sorrows, the tears you shed for us on Calvary. Remember also the care you have taken to keep us faithful to Christ, your Son. Having done so much for your children, you will not now abandon us. Comforted by this consoling thought, we come to you pleading, despite our infidelities and ingratitude. Virgin of Reconciliation, do not reject our prayers, but intercede for us, obtain for us the grace to love Jesus above all else. May we console you by living a holy life and so come to share the eternal life Christ gained by His cross. Amen.

* James 4:17

ειδοτι ουν καλον ποιειν και μη ποιουντι αμαρτια αυτω εστιν

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