Sunday, June 18, 2006

Signs of the times

I'll keep saying it because it is the truth: Our Lord Jesus doesn't bless infidelity. When the Diocese of Manchester decides to turn away from dissent and back toward Magisterial teaching; when there is a return to prayer and penance, when our priests actually speak out against sin and the culture of death, then Jesus will bless us again as a Diocese. Then vocations will flourish and the pews will once again be filled.

And more:

Meanwhile, some within the Diocese are promoting the idea of women deacons to preach from the pulpit and official acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Signs of even more decay:



Anonymous said...

At a certain point, the "progressives" - really apostates - will have to admit that their agenda has failed. Almost 40 years of liberalism and modernism have reckovated the Church in the U.S.

What's happening in Manchester is hapenning throughout modernistic dioceses. But where the People of God are faithful to the Magisterium, the Church is thriving.

Bishop Bruskewitz has so many vocations he doesn't know what to do with them all. Churches there are packed and the Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska hasn't been crippled financially and morally by pederasty.

Anonymous said...

The numbers tell the story. So does Fr. Kerper's statement about Catholics not keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. He says that everybody breaks that Commandment, it's just not seen as important.

Seems as if he is resigned to it.

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