Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We have been waiting for so long.....

May God be praised!


Anonymous said...

Now those Bishops like John McCormack who have suppressed the Latin Mass will be rendered impotent in their efforts to prevent Catholics from enjoying the Latin Mass.

The Latin Mass he couldn't tolerate. Dissent groups such as VOTF he could.

Anonymous said...

The Manchester Diocese is broke. The pews are emptying. There is one sex abuse scandal after another. Dissent is tolerated. But the Latin Mass is frowned upon.

How tragic!

Anonymous said...

I have always had the impression that the Diocese of Manchester has been waging a war against the Latin Mass and those who are attached to it. I mean, Pope John Paul II called for a wider and more generous application of the Latin Mass in his Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei and Bishop McCormack, like his predecessors, just ignored that teaching.

Apparently Bishop McCormack and his predecessors felt that they had no obligation to abide by the Papal teaching on this subject.

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