Friday, January 26, 2007

Call for prayer

A beautiful young lady named Tess, a member of the Spiritual Children of Saint Rita, wrote me an email today in which she said:

"Dear Paul,

Thanks a lot for praying about my request. I am happy to hear that you still remember.
Life in my country is so hard because of our poor economic situation.
But our family always pray and trust in the mercy and love of the Lord.
We hope we will soon find a good buyer for our lot through the help of your prayers.
Thank you so much Paul.

God bless you all for your kindness.

Spiritual Child of St. Rita in Asia, Philippines.


I would ask readers of this Blog to remember Tess and her family in your prayers. Tess is a remarkable and humble woman who is deeply committed to her Catholic Faith and to her family. I am honored to have her as a friend.


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Anonymous said...

September 16, 2008
( at home )

Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you and those people who prayed for my request the day you posted it in your blog. Finally the moment has arrived for our lot. We ended up with the right decision to lease it for 20 years. And i am very happy and very thankful because the Lord has answered our prayers though it took so long years of waiting with so much patience and sacrifices and hardships as well. There were so many obstacles and confusion and misunderstanding that had taken place but thanks a lot to Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, through her intercession everything went well.

I feel God has brought me a new sunshine. I mean He lighten my know.

Until here..

God bless you and your blog,


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