Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saint Benedict Center New Hampshire: Engaging in deception?

"I am not and never have been involved with SBC's 'Catholic America Tour'. That website page is misleading." -Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S., in a comment left at this Blog pertaining to a website page of the SBC cult in Richmond, New Hampshire which listed him as part of its "Catholic" America Tour.

Why would the SBC cult list Fr. Harrison as a participant in its "Catholic" America Tour? According to Fr. Harrison, he is not and never has been involved with that project. And the website page has since been removed. Was this an attempt by SBC cultists to achieve some legitimacy?* Were they intentionally engaging in deception?

* The "Saint Benedict Center" is not a Catholic organization. The following letter written by Fr. Edward Arsenault, Moderator of the Curia for the Diocese of Manchester to Mrs. Terri O'Rorke, makes that fact abundantly clear:

"I write to you in reply to your letter dated May 24, 2007. I share your concern about the ongoing controversy and difficulties with the Saint Benedict Center. As you know, the Saint Benedict Center has no permission or authority to exercise any Ministry on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church in New Hampshire. Bishop McCormack has and will continue to do all that he can to encourage people to refrain from participating in any of the spiritual exercises at the Saint Benedict Center.

For my part, I will continue to make it clear that Saint Benedict Center has no affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church in any way. Please know that I will continue to pray for you and all those who are affected by difficulties that have been created by the Saint Benedict Center."

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Louis Villarrubia, known by his followers as "Brother" Andre Marie, was questioned about the Holocaust. That interview is recounted here.


Alzina said...

I still remember when his followers were trying to say that Louis Villarrubia was ordained as a Deacon in the Catholic Church. So much dishonesty.

Blake said...

I think that's EXACTLY what the SBC was trying to do. And it has failed. No matter how much Louis Villarrubia, the pseudo-religious, tries to blind people with his smoke-and-mirrors routine, the undeniable fact is that his cult has no relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. Rome doesn't recognize this cult (see the Wikipedia entry for Feeneyism) and neither does the Diocese of Manchester, which hasn't given them ANY permission to do ministry.

This cult is now in crisis and is resorting to cheap tactics such as this one.


Michael Cole said...

Somebody should purchase adictionary for Mr. Villarrubia (aka, "Brother" Andre Marie). He accuses others of "libel" for rightly saying that his organization is not Catholic. The Church has said this. Either Mr. Villarrubia is totally lacking in common sense (a possibility which must be considered) or he believes HE speaks for Holy Mother Church.

No one who is authentically Catholic will have anything to do with this cult. The Church has warned faithful Catholics that this group is operating totally outside of her walls. That's what Father Arsenault meant when he said that they are not affiliated in any way with the Roman Catholic Church.

There are no more excuses.

Anonymous said...

If one goes to & clicks on to "Concerning false accusations of racism" by Villarubia, scroll down to almost the end of the article & one will read; "I personally have served the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for all of these...." Does anyone know what he could possibly be referring to? I know that we are all still waiting for proof of his supposed "ordination" as a "deacon", but how can he "serve" at a Mass? Curious.

Stewart said...

If Mr. Villarrubia is saying that he celebrates the Holy Mass as an ordained priest, then he is once again engaging in dishonesty. Not enough to go on. But his followers HAVE asserted that he's an ordained Deacon. That itself is a lie. Bishop McCormack has not ordained him or given him the canonical permission (in the form of dimissorial letters) to be ordained by another Bishop. But then, why would he? Mr. Villarrubia's organization is not Catholic.

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