Monday, December 21, 2009

"There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government." - Janet Daley

"You see how my Adversary has succeeded in extending his dominion here, inducing so many of my children to get along without God, seducing them with the venom of atheism and of neo-paganism. Never before as in these present times and in these places must the Church, which Jesus founded as a united body, present itself in all the power of its unity, that the light of the Gospel may reach out to all who are wandering." (Our Lady to Father Gobbi, October 27, 1980, Melbourne, Australia).

This is why the forces pushing a New World Order wish to subvert the Catholic Church from within and bring her down. The Catholic Church alone stands in the way of a Neo-Paganism which threatens to engulf everyone and everything and to install a new regime of absolute despotism ruled by the Son of Perdition.

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The speed of the world's decline into madness is almost dizzying:

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