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A spiritual battle in Massachusetts since 1916

According to the Associated Press, the Fitchburg City Council has abandoned its formal attempt to keep a Planned Parenthood office out of the city. This is merely the latest development in a spiritual battle taking place in Massachusetts which began in 1916. That was the year that a Fabian Socialist named Van Kleek Allison was arrested and convicted for distributing Emma Goldman's birth control pamphlet. Allison was prosecuted by an officer of the Knights of Columbus, Mr. Joseph G. Pelletier, who cited a papal encyclical which condemned birth control during the trial. Van Kleek Allison was found guilty of violating both divine law and state law and given a three-year sentence by Judge Michael J. Murray.

The Fabian Society was founded by Socialist Sidney Webb, his wife Beatrice and the playwright George Bernard Shaw to promote a scientifically planned society and eugenics by way of sterilization. As noted here, "The great American Patriot John T. Flynn stated in his book entitled The Road Ahead that there was a “creeping revolution” taking place in the United States and made a clear connection between Fascism and Fabian Socialism when he said: “. . . the line between Fascism and Fabian Socialism is very thin. Fabian Socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian Socialism plus the inevitable dictator.”

The Fabian Socialist have intentionally presented their ideology within a very socially acceptable package; humanitarian in appearance and approach, its actual purpose is complete, absolute power over society as administered through an iron fist covered in a kid-skin glove."

What does all of this have to do with recent events in Fitchburg, Massachusetts? Much. After Van Kleek Allison was found guilty in a court of law, his supporters founded the Allison Defense League which later became the Massachusetts Mothers Health Council, then the Birth Control League of Massachusetts and eventually Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

It was professor Stanley Monteith who noted that, '..if you go to Holmbury St. Mary, which is the Beatrice Webb house, it's about 30 miles south of London...where the socialists meet on a regular basis to plan the 'New World'...they had there..a stained glass window where you can see their coat of arms...between the two men on the right is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, because everything is deception you see. FS for Fabian Socialism, the use of deception to fool the world! On the right you see George Bernard Shaw ..a little to the left you see Sidney Webb. Each of them holding a hammer. Shaw is holding the world on an anvil. The caption above reads, 'Remould it nearer the heart's desire.' They are remaking the world...Below you see, 'Pray Devoutly, Hammer Stoutly!' see all these men kneeling before a list of books, among of which are Plato's writings and the Greek philosophers, because these men worship reason rather than God."

The battle will continue. For this is a spiritual battle. A battle between those who worship the Living God and who respect His Commandments and those who seek to "remould" the world into their own image and likeness. This battle will only be won if it is treated as a spiritual battle. This means Churches gathering together to pray for the spiritual deliverance of Fitchburg, hours of Eucharistic Adoration and reparation, fasting, and the use of powerful sacramentals such as Holy Water and Blessed Salt.
This battle will not be won by mere action alone. Some demons are driven out only through prayer and fasting. See my previous post here.


ACatholicinClinton said...

There has already been deception. Someone is lying. The Sentinel & Enterprise has reported that Jesse Mermel, vice-president of External Relations at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, said she called Mayor Lisa Wong's office on December 21, 2009 and that she spoke with Wong's assistant, Ryan McNutt, about their plans to open an office in Fitchburg. But Mayor Wong said that she was "unaware" of Planned Parenthood's plans.

That doesn't seem very likely. It would appear (at least to me) that Mayor Wong is simply attempting to avoid any political fallout or a backlash from all of this.

Michelle said...

Fitchburg, as with other parts of the Worcester Diocese, is fast-becoming a spiritual wasteland. Where are the spiritual initiatives which you mention? Fr. Nguyen offered a Eucharistic Holy Hour of Reparation when Fr. Richard Lewandowski was promoting sodomite "marriage" in Fitchburg. He gets it. Where are the other priests? Fitchburg needs prayer now!!!

Petra Destinee said...

The spiritual battle has been raging and we must get in position. The pagan god Moloch is being fed. The unborn babies are being sacrificed. The spirit of perversion is so heavy in this nation. The television is full of sexual propaganda. Movies, sitcoms, advertisement are out of control and they are corrupting the minds of our children. We need to bind up the strong man and then we will spoil his house. Much prayer, intercession, fasting and a call for purity and holiness is needed if we are to see a transformation in our society.

Fitchburg needs to stay true to her Christian heritage. The lies and deception are too obvious. Planned Parenthood's agenda has been exposed and we must not allow them one inch.

John Ansley said...

Fitchburg is abandoning its Christian Petra. But this is largely because the pastors have not been speaking out on the issues or implementing solid faith-formation programs. If something isn't done soon, Christianity will no longer be a force of any consequence in the city. Parishes continue to empty out. The young people are leaving the Church and embracing homosexuality, abortion, contraception and other societal evils.

Anonymous said...

Get everyone in Mass. a copy of the film which exposes the eugenic foundations of Planned Parenthood- STUNNING - A MUST SEE- Maafa21:

St.Joseph'sParishioner said...

Paul, at times I have to wonder if there is really the will to win this battle. You are so right in saying that this is a spiritual battle which will only be won through prayer and fasting. When a priest is preparing for an exorcism, he often spends much time doing both. What is needed here is deliverance from evil spirits. Protest signs are nice, marches are nice, letters to the editor are nice - they all have their place. But Jesus said some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. Not letters to the editor. Priests and lay people should be throwing down blessed salt and holy water on the proposed site for PP and praying rosaries and mercy chaplets.

Petra Destinee said...

John, most of the pastors and priests are afraid of being politically incorrect. Therefore, they take no stance and being silent is just as bad as saying yes to this problem. The sin of omission is the same as the sin of commission. I do think however, that you may be able to find a few pastors who are willing to fight in this battle.

I say that the lay people should find a church that supports their view and hold a prayer vigil and fasting for 21 days. At the end of that, then they should march to city hall and pray in silence and sing. For you shall surely have the victory. The battle is the Lords. Stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord who is with you. I am willing to stand with you all and march for this most worthy cause.

In the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Peace and Blessings

Thomas Coolberth said...

I attended one of Fr. Nguyen's holy hours during that time and it really moved me (despite trying handle a 3 year old and a 1 year alone).

Well let us take heart, where is Fr. Lewandowski now?

Let's band together and avoid the wolves in sheep's clothing.

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