Friday, October 22, 2010

At Princeton University Abortion Conference, Frances Kissling says, "We have to get rid of the idea of evil.."

Virtually all of the great pagan juridical systems acknowledged the fact of wrong-doing and their legal systems prescribed punishment for it. However, in our day, there is a widespread denial of the existence of sin and moral laws. This makes God appear as the Creator of evil. And God hates this blasphemy, pride and hypocrisy on the part of His creature man.On November 5, 1977, in a locution to Father Stephano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady said: “Do not stop to consider the ever thickening darkness, the sin which has been set up as the norm of human action, the suffering which is mounting to its peak and the chastisement which this humanity is preparing with its own hands.”

At a recent abortion conference held at Princeton University, Frances Kissling shocked attendees with some of her bizarre remarks.  One of which was that, "We have to get rid of the idea of evil."  This particular remark is most significant.  As Archbishop Fulton Sheen explains in his essay entitled "The sense of sin," "It may be interesting to inquire at this point why the modern world has lost its sense of sin. It should be immediately evident that it is the obvious consequence of the loss of the value of man. Under traditional Christianity, a man was a theological creature, an adopted son of God and a member of the Mystical Body of Christ; in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries man became a philosophical thing bound to God by some vague ties of creaturehood. But man today is only a biological phenomenon with no other destiny than that of the worm he crushes under his heel. Once one loses hold on the primary dogma that man has a moral end, and that his actions, thoughts, and words in this life are all registered in the Book of Life, and therefore will one day determine his eternal destiny, sin becomes meaningless. The modern mind has forgotten the dogma of man, and hence cannot avoid forgetting the morals of man, for one is the corrollary of the other. Deny that God is interested in the behavior of men and you immediately create a society in which man is uninterested in the behavior of his fellow man."

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Thomas Coolberth said...

I suspect Frances Kissling has the ear of most US Bishops and virtually all CCD teachers in the US.

They're all amenable to her ideas if not outright endorsers.

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