Sunday, April 03, 2011

Representative Steve Vaillancourt has blood on his hands

In a Blog post which may be found here, Republican Steve Vaillancourt from Manchester has defended the inappropriate comments made by Representative D.J. Bettencourt late last week on Facebook in which he referred to Bishop John McCormack as a "pedophile pimp."  Vaillancourt writes, "This pedophile enabler has blood (and perhaps other bodily fluids) both figuratively and perhaps literally on his hands...The Bishop has disgraced the Catholic Church."

It is most ironic that Rep. Vaillancourt would accuse anyone of having blood on their hands.  For Mr. Vaillancourt supports abortion within the first trimester of pregnancy.  See here.  And as Father Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, has reminded us so often, "abortion itself is the worst form of child abuse."   If you doubt this for even a moment, view the photos at the Priests for Life website of aborted first trimester babies here.

I'm not a defender of Bishop McCormack.  For years I have said that he failed to protect children.  For years I opposed his toleration of the dissent group VOTF within the Diocese of Manchester.  I actually wrote him several times over the years expressing my concerns.  But always while maintaining respect for his priestly office, for his office as Bishop.  But for someone like Steve Vaillancourt who is supportive of the worst form of child abuse - the murder of innocents through abortion - to condemn another for having blood on their hands is, well, nothing less than blatant hypocrisy.

Has Bishop John McCormack disgraced the Catholic Church?  By no means.  He has disgraced himself alone.  New Hampshire Catholics are not responsible for the moral failings of Bishop McCormack.  Each of us is responsible for his own sins before God.  D.J. Bettencourt understands this deep down.  Which is why, in a conciliatory letter to Bishop McCormack, he wrote (in part): "My comments were in no way intended as an attack on the Catholic Church, or on the position which you hold...I came of age in the faith during the height of the sexual abuse scandal and when many were walking away from the Church.  I remained.  I stayed in the belief that the Christian faith and our Church were more than the few individuals who betrayed one of the greatest trusts a man can be given - that of a priest."

Rep. Vaillancourt has blood on his hands.  If he wants to see clearly enough to render judgments, he should first remove the plank from his own eye.


Jonathan said...

I guess he doesn't see babies being torn apart with surgical instruments as child abuse. His moral blindness is positively frightening.

Anonymous said...

I work in Manchester so I'm keeping my comment anonymous. I don't care to lose my job. But Steve Vaillancourt is hardly a pillar of the virtuous life. Go to this website to read about his being charged with driving with a suspended license.
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Priscilla said...

I'm concerned about the GOP in New Hampshire now. We now have two elected Republicans who have made comments which may be described as anti-Catholic. I am sickened that any Republican would make generalized statements about the Church being "disgraced." If this continues, I simply won't vote in the next election. I will not support anti-Catholic bigotry.

Samantha said...

Bettencourt and Vaillancourt are both disappointing. I guess they didn't learn anything about civility after the Tucson shooting which left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition and a little nine-year-old girl dead.

I'm ashamed of their conduct.

Robert said...

What does Vaillancourt mean when he suggests that Bishop McCormack might have other bodily fluids on his hands? Is he suggesting that Bishop McCormack abused children himself?

Kevin said...

Very enlightening post, thanks for sharing!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Sure thing Kevin. Keep watching those gas prices. It's quickly becoming an obscenity.

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