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Pope Leo XIII and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski warned of false brethren

Rita Biesemans, in a comment left at my last post dealing with masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church, had this to say: "When I was in 2nd year High School Latin-Greek Humanities in a nun-run boarding school in the 1950's, we had the 'Spekpater' (the "Bacon Priest") preaching during one of our yearly retreat weeks. One day he told us : 'For know that there are priests being trained and formed at the KRIM (Russia) to infiltrate the Church, to spread false teachings in order to corrupt and ruin the Church.' This made such an impact and impression on my soul that I will never forget it."

Anatoliy Golitsyn, the former KGB officer and counterintelligence agent, in his book entitled "The Perestroika Deception," warned that: "They [the Soviets] intend...to induce the Americans to adopt their own 'restructuring' and convergence of the Soviet and American systems using to this end the fear of nuclear conflict...Convergence will be accompanied by blood baths and political re-education camps in Western Europe and the United States. The Soviet Strategists are counting on an economic depression in the United States and intend to introduce their reformed model of socialism with a human face as an alternative to the American system during the depression." (Anatoliy Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception, 1990).

Golitsyn defected to the West and spent many years attempting to warn the West of long-range Soviet plans.  In 1954, H. Rowan Gaither, who served as President of the Ford Foundation, told Norman Dodd of the Congressional Reese Commission that, "...all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives...from the White House....The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

Now, some of you might be thinking: What is the connection?  There is a fundamental opposition of Communist principles to those of Freemasonry.  The Freemason believes in man but the Communist believes only in the Party, in the State.

Not so according to the Vatican.  Pope Leo XIII, in his Encyclical Letter Humanum Genus, teaches that:

"In the sphere of politics, the Naturalists lay down that all men have the same rights and that all are equal and alike in every respect; that everyone is by nature free and independent; that no one has the right to exercise authority over another; that it is an act of violence to demand of men obedience to any authority not emanating from themselves.  All power is, therefore, in the free people.  Those who exercise authority do so either by the mandate or permission of the people, so that, when the popular will changes, rulers of State may lawfully be deposed even against their will.  The source of all rights and civic duties is held to reside either in the multitude or in the ruling power of the State, provided that it has been constituted according to the new principles.  They hold also that the State should not acknowledge God and that, out of the various forms of religion, there is no reason why one should be preferred to another.  According to them, all should be on the same level. [This is why the Creed will eventually have to go, see my last post]."

Pope Leo XIII continues:

"Now, that these views are held by the Freemasons also, and that they want to set up States constituted according to this ideal, is too well known to be in need of proof.   For a long time they have been openly striving with all their strength and with all the resources at their command to bring this about.  They thus prepare the way for those numerous and more reckless spirits who, in their mad desire to arrive at equality and common ownership of goods, are ready to hurl society into an even worse condition, by the destruction of all distinctions of rank and property....In thi mad and wicked design, the implacable hatred and thirst for vengeance with which Satan is animated against Our Lord Jesus Christ becomes almost visible to our bodily eyes."

Later on, in the same Encyclical Letter, Pope Leo XIII adds:

"From the anti-social character of the errors we have mentioned, it is clear that the greatest dangers are to be feared for States.  For once the fear of God and the reverence due to His laws have been taken away, the authority of rulers treated with contempt, free reign and approval given to sedition, popular passions recklessly fanned, and all restraining influences eliminated except the fear of punishment, then there will necessarily follow a revolutionary upheaval and a period of wholesale destruction of existing institutions...A complete change and upheaval of this kind is being carefully prepared by numerous associations of Communists and Socialists, in fact, it is their openly avowed aim; and Freemasonry is not only not opposed to their plans, but looks upon them with the greatest favour, as its leading principles are identical with theirs.  If the Freemasons do not immediately and everywhere proceed to realise the ultimate conclusions contained in these principles, this is not because they are restrained by the discipline of the organization or by lack of determination, but partly on account of the power and virtue of that divine religion which cannot be crushed out of existence, and partly because the more balanced part of mankind are unwilling to sink into slavery under the domination of secret societies, and offer vigorous resistance to their insane endeavours."

This is why ecclesiastical masonry has infiltrated the Church.  The Church cannot be destroyed from without.  External persecution only serves to make her stronger.  The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church as Tertullian reminded us.  Ecclesiastical masonry is Freemasonry which has infiltrated the Church with the goal of subverting her from within by questioning all traditional doctrines and remaking the Church into the image and likeness of man.

It was Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski who warned, back in June of 1963, that "It is not the Communists whom we fear.  What fills us with anguish is the spectacle of false brethren."  Here the great Cardinal was warning of those modern-day Judases who, instead of openly attacking the Church, seek to infiltrate and penetrate her in order to introduce and impose humanitarian, naturalistic and anti-traditional ideas.


Martin said...

The Church of Ireland (Anglican) Bishop Michael Jackson 'blessed' holy water and Catholic pilgrims at Monday's proceedings of the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

I understand that the RCC holds that Anglican orders are null and void, so why was this Protestant clergy man blessing Catholics like a priest does? He blessed the water, he sprinkled the people, and then at the end of the liturgy service (it was not Mass) he blessed the people with his hand as a priest does at Mass.

There's a story here, but I don't think it mentions the blessing and the holy water.


So, was this action by the Protestant minister approved by Rome?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Martin, for an answer to your question - and for all others involving ecumenical gatherings, I refer you to Pontificium Consilium Ad Christianorum Unitatem Fovendam.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

You may also find this article helpful:


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

"Celebration of the sacraments is an action of the celebrating community, signifying the oneness in faith, worship and life of the community. Where this unity of sacramental faith is deficient, the participation of the separated with Catholics, especially in the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Penance and Anointing of the Sick, is forbidden. Nevertheless, since the sacraments are both signs of unity and sources of grace (cf. Decree on Ecumenism, n. 8), the Church can for adequate reasons allow access to those sacraments to a separated brother. This may be permitted in danger of death or in urgent need (during persecution, in prisons) if the separated brother has no access to a minister of his own communion, and spontaneously asks for a Catholic priest for the sacraments-so long as he declares a faith in these sacraments in harmony with that of the Church, and is rightly disposed. In other cases the judge of this urgent necessity must be the diocesan bishop or the episcopal conference. A Catholic in similar circumstances may not ask for these sacraments except from a minister who has been validly ordained" (Directory concerning Ecumenical Matters, Part One, nn. 55).

Martin said...

I couldn't find the answer in that document Paul. The issue is a Protestant clergyman blessing water and people, and then blessing the people with his outstretched hand, as a priest does, and whether this should be done or not.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Ah but it does Martin. I see that the Catholic Answers forum was afraid to answer this question. And so I will put it bluntly:

The Catholic Church does not recognise the validity of Anglican orders so a Catholic priest and Episcopal minister cannot co-preside (concelebrate) at Mass or other liturgical functions.

However, if there is a marriage between a couple of mixed religion the non-Catholic minister is welcome to have some function at the ceremony such as reading from the Scriptures, offering prayers etc.

The involvement you speak of is illicit.

If anyone is inclined to argue about the validity of Anglican orders, I would refer them to the teaching of the Sovereign Pontiff:


Parishioner/StAnna said...

The conspiracy within the Church is in full swing now. They are talking absolute schism at the National Catholic Reporter for all intents and purposes. And here in Leominster/Fitchburg, as in other parts of the Diocese, strange people and events are being introduced such as Sister Joyce Rupp, a Servite sister who preaches goddess "Sophia" and wants us all to embrace a New Age and Eastern spirituality.

Anonymous said...

Wolves in sheeps clothing! God help us all!

jac said...

..." the Church can for adequate reasons allow access to those sacraments to a separated brother"...
I am a bit amazed. How is it possible for example to give the Eucharist to a protestant who doesn't believe in the True Presence or to an Orthodox who doesn't accept the authority of the Pope?
Even so, of course, a lot of modernist priests eagerly endeavoured to trespass this decree and I know of a priest who gives the communion to a protestant woman every sunday at mass. She doesn't look in death danger nor is she in a dire need.
"Nolite mittere margaritas ante porcos"

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Jac, you have only cited a portion of this authoritative teaching. You left out this critical caveat: "..if the separated brother has no access to a minister of his own communion, and spontaneously asks for a Catholic priest for the sacraments-so long as he declares a faith in these sacraments in harmony with that of the Church, and is rightly disposed."

Питер said...

Пусть Бог помилует вас за постоянное бдение ненависти.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Here we have someone writing in Russian, "May God have mercy on you for standing in hatred."

This because I have written about false brethren within the Church and Communist/Masonic infiltration.

I hit a nerve.

Kev said...

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