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The New Moloch State will not tolerate orthodox Christianity

In the April 2001 edition of Catholic World Report, Paul Sinsigalli, a former Air Force officer who graduated from the Archdiocese of Boston's Saint John's Seminary in 1999, told his story about being excluded from ordination because of his orthodoxy.  He was informed that he would never be allowed to serve as a priest anywhere because he would not accept the view that seminarians acting out homosexually is morally acceptable.

Sinsigalli reported, "I was studying at St. John's seminary in Boston and was told that I did not have the qualities required to be a priest.  They said that I lacked leadership, intellectual ability, and emotional maturity, among other things.  When I asked them to explain where these traits were exhibited they merely repeated the oft heard mantra: 'It's the consensus of the faculty,' and then would not defend or cite examples of said behavior.  They had decided that I did not fit into their mold of what a priest should be...What were my crimes, you may ask?  I stood up for what the Church teaches every time there was a question about it.  I stood against the homosexual atmosphere which pervaded the college at that time and had the temerity to suggest that homosexuality is a disorder.  I also did not engage in their pro-masturbation conversations which were commonplace in the halls and the dinner table.  I was the target of a homosexual classmate who is known to have a violent history and required a restraining order to be taken out against him by another student..."

The sexual morality popular in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah brought them to complete and utter destruction.  Today we are building a New Sodom, a Moloch State which offers not law and justice but an oppressive demonic order which claims total jurisdiction over man and defies God and His plan for humanity.  So it is no surprise that many within the priesthood (as throughout society in general) have succumbed to homosexual ideology as they deny the true God and His Commandments.  Rousas Rushdoony exposes the nature of the demonic Moloch State which so many of the clergy now willingly serve:

"The Moloch state simply represents the supreme effort of man to command the future, to predestine the world, and to be as God.  Lesser efforts, divination, spirit-questing, magic and witchcraft are equally anathema to God.  All represent efforts to have the future on other than God's terms, to have a future apart from and in defiance of God.  They are assertions that the world is not of God but of brute factuality, and that men can somehow master the world and the future by going directly to the raw materials thereof."

The Devil seduces men through the deceitful tactics of pseudo-saviors.  And ours is a perverse age in which many pseudo-saviors pretend to offer liberation through sex without love, violence and drug abuse as well as the occult.  As Fr. Miceli, S.J., warned: "In the name of its new secular gods, Progress and Liberty, titles that are false fronts for Rebellion and Licentiousness, many formerly Christian nations are driving their sons and daughters through the demonic fires of sacrificial murder. Christian nations, having legalized abortion and while preparing to to legalize euthanasia, have become Moloch states."

A new class of priests is necessary to serve the emerging Moloch State.  Such priests will never speak of sin, the need for repentance and conversion, the reality of Hell and the possibility of finding your soul there after death, etc.  When is the last time you heard a homily from your priest discussing these items or citing the Catechism of the Catholic Church?  Of course, there are still good priests who still preach sound Catholic doctrine - but these are now in a minority.  In the New Order, priests who preach traditional Catholic doctrine will be replaced by priests who traffick in souls by substituting the doctrines of demons for the Word of God and Holy Tradition and the City of Progress for the City of God.

A new city is arising which is based upon Satan's blueprints.  Many cannot see this.  Others choose not to.  But all around us things are changing.  Just the other day, the Boy Scouts of America decided to allow "gay" - homosexual scouts.  Soon even Boy Scout leaders who are homosexual will be allowed.  This is all the more chilling as a significant part of the homosexual "culture" revolves around fascination with boys. 

The New City of Hatred has no roon for those who "stubbornly cling" to revealed Truth.  See here.


Brian Schweiss said...

I just read where the ACLU (among others) is pushing for the (sadly) popular TV show Modern Family (which boasts several openly gay actors) to have the first "gay" wedding on prime time TV! :( :( :( I think the worst thing that those of us can do who are trying to live and maintain our faith in these times is to throw up our hands and give up. And I don't just mean that for ourselves, but especially in praying hard for people (like the radical gays, abortionists, corrupt churchmen and politicians, etc.) If we don't pray for them, who else will? Our standing up for our faith and beliefs may eventually lead to our dying, perhaps even a violent death. But should we really expect to be treated less harshly then Jesus Christ himself was treated for preaching the truth; he who was completely sinless? Also, if we believe that God has been with us at every moment in our lives (especially in all our sufferings), how much more will he be with us and help us (along with our Blessed Mother) if and when we would face a possible violent death because of our beliefs? Believe me, I hope and pray that that won't happen to me, or anyone else who I know and love, but I try to remember Jesus' prayer in his agony in the garden: "Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me. But still, not my will, but yours be done." Then an angel was sent to comfort him and give him strength. God and Mary will do the same for us if and when we are called to give up our lives in defense of our (and others) faith.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Brian, of course we must not lose hope! This Blog is about reconciliation. But the hard truths are not being preached in most parishes. People need to hear that all sin offends God and that MORTAL sin leads to the second death which is Hell.

How can we reconcile with God if we do not acknowledge our sins?

Brian Schweiss said...

Exactly Paul. That's the church's biggest problem today, as far as I'm concerned, and I see this especially with the gays, etc. who are engaged in an active (sinful) lifestyle. The message from many in the church seems to be: "We have to accept them as they are, and they're not actually sinning, because they were born that way, and can't help themselves." Blah, blah, blah..... Not only do we need our Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals to fearlessly proclaim the truth with all charity, but we also need to back them up as laity by our prayers and sacrifices for them, along with fearlessly (and charitably) proclaiming that same truth in our own lives.

Unknown said...


Our Lord and His Holy Mother
are weeping bloody tears
as their children don't bother
to live in perdition gears

the tears splatter on rocky hearts
on a demeanor of "who cares"
as long as we don't feel the smarts
we'll take care of our own affairs

walking farther and farther away
spitting and mocking God in His Face
denying He made us out of the clay
worshipping gods of the human race

we think ourselves so enlightened
we don't need no Heavenly God
no more need to be so frightened
we join gladly the evil one's squad

while Heaven is crying
the devils laugh
the unrepentant dying
join the devils' staff

The day will come
that HE will say :
"enough, enough
no more rebuff "

Then the earthlings
will cry to no avail
Joe 6 packs nor Kings
will escape eternal wail.

Rita Biesemans April 26 2013 Feast Day of Our lady of Good Counsel

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