Monday, August 26, 2013

"Even in the Church....all one hears about from the pulpit is social justice.."

In my last post, I noted how I am viewed as "strange" or as somehow "fringe" by liberal counterfeit Catholic wreckovators within the Worcester Diocese because I promote and defend the perennial teaching of the Church regarding the "Last Things," or what theologians refer to as "eschatology."

Our "modern world" hates to be reminded of death, judgement, heaven, hell, purgatory and the end of the world.  And anyone today who speaks or writes about these things must be demonized and cast as a freak because the "New Church" Catholics are uncomfortable with these realities.  Pope John XXIII would not have understood this spiritual sickness.  He used as a motto for his whole life the followin, entitled "Four Future Things":

Death, than which nothing is more certain;

Judgement, than which nothing is more strict;

Hell, than which nothing is more delightful;

Paradise, than which nothing is more delightful.

(Journal of a Soul, Appendix 6).

An anonymous individual, who may hardly be described as '"a bright light," left a comment here accusing me of being more Calvinist than Catholic because I adhere to the Church's teaching regarding eschatology.  I was accused of having "little mercy."  And I am not entirely surprised.  So many Catholics have been fed on chaff rather than wheat for so long that authentic Catholic teaching seems to them as something evil or hard-hearted.  Years of consuming a diet of false compassion have wrought much havoc in the souls of these mental and moral midgets.

Father Albert, a Dominican priest, writes, "If Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical on the Holy Rosary could speak (over a century ago) of the forgetfulness of man concerning future goods, what would he say today!  The future goods and the future evils that await all of us after death are buried in total oblivion!  The present life seems to be the BE-ALL and END-ALL of all things.  Even in the Church, since Vatican II, all one hears about from the pulpit is social justice.  To speak of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Death and Judgement is considered strangely bizarre.  Meditation on the Glorious mysteries of the Holy Rosary brings us back to reality!" (Dedicated Decades, Winter 2013, pp. 32, 33).

But then, most clerics (be they priest or deacon) no longer pray the Holy Rosary.  They prefer worldly things to the Holy Rosary.  Once prayer is abandoned, doctrine follows.

Today the Catholic Church is infested with many effeminate priests and deacons who are spiritually unable to offer the faithful the sound doctrine and the hard truths which they need to hear.  And parishes are emptying.  One reader noted how Our Lady Immaculate Parish in Athol used to offer four Masses every Sunday.  Today the parish offers only one Mass on Sunday.

their fruits ye shall know them.  Related reading on Pope Francis here.


Patricia said...

The sort of priest you are referring to has more love and respect for a practicing sodomite than for an orthodox Christian.

Is anyone really shocked?

OrangeChoir said...

Deacon Linderman arrives just before Mass and one never sees him at prayer or setting an example by preparing for Mass. Same with Fr. Kris.

Prayer is jettisoned....then sound doctrine. You are most correct!!!

Anonymous said...

The deacon's comb-over reminds me of Adolph Hitler. Every time I see him I cringe. He comes across as an odd-ball. Especially when he is laughing on the sanctuary or grinning like an idiot.

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