Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The assault at Camp Lennox in Otis, Massachusetts: Why is the media downplaying the male-on-male component?

By now most of you have heard about the rapes which took place at an athletic camp in Western Massachusetts.  The Associated Press reports that, "Prosecutors say the assaults occurred Aug. 25 at Camp Lenox in Otis, where Somerville High School was holding an annual team-building retreat. Authorities say the three juniors assaulted the freshmen in a cabin.

Massachusetts state police detectives arrested 17-year-old Galileo Mondol and two 16-year-old boys Friday. Mondol faces numerous charges, including aggravated rape of a child, assault with intent to rape a child, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The juveniles face similar charges. Their names were not released."

Interestingly, almost every newspaper and television account have neglected to mention that this was a case of male-on-male sexual assault.  Now why is that? Because the same liberal mainstream media which has bought into the radical homosexual agenda will often do everything possible to suppress inconvenient facts which would prove harmful to their agenda.  See here for example.  I discussed this in a recent post.

This explains why the mainstream media has no problem exposing incidents of heterosexual rape in the military but virtually ignores the fact that the number of homosexual assaults in the military has been three times greater.  See here.

Read the statistical data which I have provided here and ask yourself why the mainstream media refuses to consider the evidence.

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