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Thomas Groome, former priest and heretic, is anxiously awaiting Pope Francis' "Major reforms."

Father Malachi Martin, a Jesuit scholar who served as a member of the Vatican Advisory Council as well as personal secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea, was known to be in possession of detailed information pertaining to the Third Secret of Fatima, which he said addressed a plan to install the False Prophet during a "Final Conclave."

Is it just a coincidence that the current Pontiff took the name Francis - after Saint Francis of Assisi - when the same saint was given a prophecy which enabled him to prophesy that, "...a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death.....some preachers will keep silence about the truth, an others will trample it under foot and deny it....for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer."

This prophecy of an anti-pope seizing papal authority and the faithful remnant of the Church being subjected to persecution like never before in history has been spoken of by many seers.  Blessed Joachim prophesied that, "Toward the end of the world, Antichrist will overthrow the pope and usurp his See."  Malvenda says that, "...Rome itself in the last times of the world will return to its ancient idolatry, power and imperial greatness.  It will cast out its Pontiff, altogether apostasize from the Christian faith, terribly persecute the Church, shed the blood of martyrs more cruelly than ever, and will recover its former state of abundant wealth, or even greater than it had under its first rulers."

The priest-mystic Father Herman Bernard Kramer, in his classic work "The Book of Destiny," interprets the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation thusly: "The 'sign' in heaven is that of a woman with child crying out in travail and anguish of delivery.  In that travail, she gives birth to some definite 'person' who is to rule the Church with a rod of iron (verse 5).  It then points to a conflict-waged within the Church to elect one who was to 'rule all nations' in the manner clearly stated.  In accord with the text this is unmistakably a papal election, for only Christ and His Vicar have the divine right to rule all nations.....But at this time the great powers may take a menacing attitude to hinder the election of  the logical and expected candidate...."

What else does this describe but a revolution in the Church?

At La Salette, the Blessed Mother told Melanie Calvat that the time was coming when, "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.  For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.  The Church will be in eclipse, the worl will be in ismay....Now is the time; the abyss is opening.  Here is the king of kings of darkness, here is the Beast with his subjects, calling himself the savior of the world."

Bear in mind that little Melanie Calvat was a simple peasant girl.  She was not what the world considers to be "sophisticated."  She wasn't given to flights of fancy.  There was no malice in her.  No deceit.  Otherwise the La Salette apparition would not have been approved.

Things appear to be escalating quickly now.

In an article entitled "New role shows pope's esteem for O'Malley," Thomas Groome, a former priest who is nothing less than a heretic, and who serves as a professor of theology at Boston College, assures us that Pope Francis will depend on Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley's advice to lead "major Church reforms."

Readers of this Blog will recall how Cardinal O'Malley was prepared to allow a "Gay Pride Mass" in his Archdiocese (at Saint Cecilia's Parish in the Back Bay) until faithful Catholics such as yours truly exposed the whole affair (see here).  What sort of "advice" will Francis receive from the Cardinal?

And what does Groome mean by "major Church reforms"?  Doctrinal changes on the way?  That a heretic would be looking forward to "major reforms" from Francis is, to say the least, extremely unnerving.

Archbishop Fulton John Sheen warned us years ago that a False Prophet would be chosen from among the Bishops and that he would advance "a religion without a cross."

Watch and pray.

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Unknown said...


Penance Penance Penance
to avoid Divine vengeance
for not showing any remorse
and trying our will to enforce

The reign of the Impostor has arrived
the Church, of TRUTH is being deprived
the whole world hangs on his lips
while being readied for a total eclipse

The true followers of Christ
trying to pull off the heist
are persecuted for non-compliance
and being countered with defiance

When it will seem that all is lost
everything sacred has been tossed
God will deliver us from our agony
and reign forever in all His Majesty


Rita Biesemans, December 19 2013

Brent C. said...

Had the privilege of knowing Fr. Malachi Martin. He foresaw what's happening. Read his books, "The Final Conclave" and "Windswept House." All those who insist that the Fatima Consecration has already been correctly done should take a look around. The world has been thoroughly Marxized. This is just the French Revolution dressed in new clothes: and has been condemned by many Popes. Now our clergy applaud its ingredients: free love, abortion (to which they give the most muted "lip service" only), the refusal to call sodomy what it really is, women's lib and a Protestantized Mass. And all around us the thundering silence of the clergy! And what word is most absent: "Sin". You will look long and hard to find a prominent prelate willing to use the word. Our crisis is supernatural, but our so called priests merely wish to be emasculated social works. Anyhow this is a superb column. The Lord is using you! Keep up the fantastic work. Bravo!!!

Ellen Wironken said...

"Butch" in the comments section of your post pertaining to Pope Francis and Cardinal O'Malley, comes across as little more than a homosexualist ideologue. I wouldn't publish any more comments from this disturbed individual.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Brent, thanks for the comment and the kind note. You are spot on! We are set for a bumpy ride.

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