Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My dear Sally......

My dear sally,

We have, succeeded greatly - beyond our wildest expectations in fact - in seducing men and women into making the world an end in itself.  And we are now very close to realizing our ultimate goal which is to convince them that existence without Christ is possible and indeed that Christ is the enemy of existence.  We are now on the verge of destroying all Christian virtues so that these creatures will be ready to reject entirely the notion that this life is a vale of tears and will come to view it instead as a carnival of countless pleasures where the cup of indulgence never runs out. 

Ensure that they are always distracted by entertainments so that they never give a thought to prayer and fasting and do not waste their time examining their conscience.  For this could lead to contrition and penance. On a related note, congratulations are in order for your success in getting people to ignore the message of La Salette and that irritating gadfly of a layman who so tirelessly promotes that outdated notion of reconciliation. 

Let me say Sally that we commend you for your efforts at promoting unbridled hedonism and self-will.  Continue to lull these creatures into a deep sleep with your devilishly-crafted mantra: Life is a cabaret. 

And so it is - Life is a cabaret old chum.  Come to the cabaret!

Dearest Sally,
I am, Yours Respectfully
Uncle Wormwood.

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