Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Let's all commend the courageous students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Still River Massachusetts!

As reported here, students at the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Still River have taken a courageous stand to withdraw from the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Boston this year because of its capitulation to the Culture of Sodomy.

It's not enough that parade organizers will allow homosexuals to march provided they don't carry signs or wear clothing agitating for the homosexual "lifestyle."  No, the sodomite community demands the right to march as sodomites.

Students at the Immaculate Heart of Mary School should be commended for their courageous stance against the Culture of Sodomy.

Too many Catholics today, poorly instructed in their faith, believe that all judging is wrong. These Catholics apparently believe that love of enemies means condoning vice and sin. In the words of Dr. Germain Grisez, one of the finest moral theologians of our time, "It might seem to follow that love must accept everyone, even enemies, just as they are, and to affirm them even in the error or sin which is present in them. But the law of love does not require indiscriminate affirmation of everything about other persons (see Saint Thomas Aquinas, S.t., 2-2, q.34, a.3). One's love must be like Jesus'. He loves sinners and brings them into communion with himself in order to overcome their error and sin. When the scribes and pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery to Jesus, he not only saves her from being stoned to death but warns her not to sin again (see John 8:3-11). In a true sense, Jesus is not judgmental, he sets aside the legalistic mentality, readily forgives sinners, does not condemn the world, and points out that those who refuse to acknowledge their sinfulness are self-condemned by the truth they violate (see John 3:16-21). But he realistically recognizes sinners as sinners and never accepts error as truth...
Similarly, if Christians' love of neighbor is genuine, it not only permits but REQUIRES THEM both to 'hold fast to what is good' and to 'hate what is evil' (Romans 12:9)."And again, according to Dr. Grisez, "Vatican II neatly formulates the prohibition against judging others" 'God alone is the judge and searcher of hearts; for that reason, he forbids us to make judgments about the internal guilt of anyone' (Gaudium et Spes, No. 28). This norm, however, does not preclude JUDGMENTS necessary for determining that one should try to dissuade others from committing sins or to encourage them to repent if they have sinned."

It is obvious that the students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School possess the Cardinal Gift of Fortitude.

I only wish we could say the same about our Bishop.


Chris Whittle said...

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is the only true Catholic school in the Commonwealth. They begin the school day with the Traditional Latin Mass.

The diocesan schools don't do this, and they cost a fortune for good Catholic families with multiple children. They are just "prep schools" that say a quick prayer, and accept any student with money, regardless of religious background.

Rita Jeannine Melanson said...

Saint Patrick, according to hagiography, drove the snakes from Ireland. Why are parade organizers interested in inviting them back?

Take note how Boston's new mayor claims he is the mayor of all Bostonians while threatening a boycott of the Saint Patrick's Day Parade if homosexual activists don't get their way.

Parade organizers crafted a reasonable compromise. It was rejected because militant homosexual activists want EVERYTHING THEIR WAY.

Mayor Walsh is not impartial. He is not fair. And his bias is showing.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

What the homosexual activists want is to change the character of the parade. This isn't simply about marching in a parade. If it were, they would have been content with the offer from parade organizers of marching in plain clothing without carrying signs or other items the purpose of which is to agitate for social change while demanding that Catholics violate their own principles by accepting homosexual agitprop.

I've said it many times before: this is a spiritual war. And Mayor Walsh has taken sides. Well said mom!

Wendy said...

It really is about control Paul. It's not enough that the homosexual community has its own parade. Now they want to run the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Disgusting behavior.

David said...

Can we expect the "gay" community to open their "Gay Pride" parade to Catholic activists and to allow them to carry signs quoting from Scripture regarding the sinfulness of homosexuality and citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, including the paragraph which says clearly that homosexual acts are sins which cry to heaven for vengeance?

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