Friday, May 16, 2014

The time has come for faithful Catholics to speak up.....

The times are growing dark.  Increasingly, Catholics faithful to the Magisterial Tradition of the Church are finding themselves alarmed over the silence of fellow Catholics - including those who Blog - with regard to developments within the Church.  See here.

The time is fast approaching when sound Catholic doctrine will not only not be tolerated, it will be criminalized.  As Catholics, we have a moral duty to preach the hard truths in season and out of season.  And doing so represents an act of charity.  See here.

Socialism is gaining ground as many even within the Church call for economic redistribution.  But Pope Leo XIII, in Quod Apostolici Muneris (On Socialism) called this what it is: "..while the socialists would destroy the 'right' of property, alleging it to be a human invention altogether opposed to the inborn equality of man, and, claiming a community of goods, argue that poverty should not be peaceably endured, and that the property and privileges of the rich may be rightly invaded, the Church, with much greater wisdom and good sense, recognizes the inequality among men, who are born with different powers of body and mind, inequality in actual possession, also, and holds that the right of property and of ownership, which springs from nature itself, must not be touched and stands inviolate. For she knows that stealing and robbery were forbidden in so special a manner by God, the Author and Defender of right, that He would not allow man even to desire what belonged to another, and that thieves and despoilers, no less than adulterers and idolaters, are shut out from the Kingdom of Heaven."

We are now on the verge of totalitarianism


For many years I have been warning [in articles and even at this Blog] that this country is heading for totalitarianism. See here and here for example. I have even compared the Democratic Party with the National Socialist Workers Party of 1930s Germany.
Henry Lamb apparently agrees. Mr. Lamb, author of "The Rise of Global Governance," writes that, "As the modern-day freedom fighters begin to organize and strategize, the government chooses not to reform, but to entrench and expand its control over the people. The similarity is remarkable, between the rise of the Democratic Socialist Party now in control of Washington and the rise of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany in the 1930s. Read his full article here.

In his Encyclical Letter Centesimus Annus, Pope John Paul II warned us that, "....totalitarianism arises out of a denial of truth in the objective sense. If there is no transcendent truth, in obedience to which man achieves his full identity, then there is no sure principle for guaranteeing just relations between people. Their self-interest as a class, group or nation would inevitably set them in opposition to one another. If one does not acknowledge transcendent truth, then the force of power takes over, and each person tends to make full use of the means at his disposal in order to impose his own interests or his own opinion, with no regard for the rights of others. People are then respected only to the extent that they can be exploited for selfish ends. Thus, the root of modern totalitarianism is to be found in the denial of the transcendent dignity of the human person who, as the visible image of the invisible God, is therefore by his very nature the subject of rights which no one may violate — no individual, group, class, nation or State. Not even the majority of a social body may violate these rights, by going against the minority, by isolating, oppressing, or exploiting it, or by attempting to annihilate it.." (No. 44).

We ignore this at our own peril. So many are asleep as this country races toward tyranny. Now is the time to rise up and be heard. If we love this country, we will fight for it. We will fight for what so many died to protect. It was Abraham Lincoln, in a speech given on January 27, 1837, who forewarned: "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time, or die by suicide."



Anonymous said...

All I see on this blog is rant after rant in complaint of how the world has become. How about a little positivity once in a while and a little gratefulness that you even have the gift of life?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

What you see as "negative," being the son of Hell that you are, is, in reality, the truth.

But you cannot see the truth. Your father doesn't bring truth. John 8:44

David said...

Anonymous doesn't want his fellow "progressive" Catholics to hear the truth that sets us free. If this intellectually challenged adolescent doesn't like this Blog and finds it so "negative," why does he keep coming back...what a freak!

Michael Cole said...

Anonymous comes across as mentally unstable. This person should seek out a competent psychiatrist. I know you have tracked the IP address of this person. If the attacks continue, I would refer the matter to the local police department. Cyber-bullying is a crime.

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