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Catholic school in Toronto: Boy must be allowed to share bathroom with girls

Writing for LifeSiteNews, Pete Baklinski notes how, "Girls in first grade in a Toronto Catholic school will be sharing a washroom this year with a biological boy whose lesbian parent has chosen to identify him as a 'girl.'

A mother whose young daughter attends the school in the Toronto Catholic District School Board is concerned about the implications of allowing a biological boy to share her daughter’s washroom and changing room, especially as the boy moves into puberty. The mother, under condition of anonymity, shared her concerns with Phil Lees, president of Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity (P.E.A.C.E.), who published a report on his website.

“My greatest concern is that its going to lead to confusion in the minds of children of faith about what’s right or wrong for them,” Lees told LifeSiteNews.

The mother related how the boy attended junior kindergarten with her daughter two years ago. At the end of the year, the lesbian parent withdrew the boy. Now, after a one-year absence, she has reenrolled her child in grade one, claiming he must now be treated as a 'girl.'

The lesbian parent allegedly told the principal that under the federal 'gender identity' Bill C-279, along with the provincial 'gender identity' Bill 33 (Toby’s Law), her child could not be discriminated against and must be allowed to use whatever washroom he chooses.

Bill C-279, which life-and-family leaders warned would open society to a host of “problematic sexual activities,” stalled in the Senate in June 2013 prior to its third and final reading. Parliament being prorogued two months later had the effect of killing all legislation being considered by the government, including Bill C-279. The fate of the bill has yet to be determined.

The lesbian parent used the two bills to insist her biological boy use the girl’s facilities, even though the bills contain nothing about bathroom usage. The lesbian parent was not content with the suggestion to let the boy use the single stall handicap washroom or the teacher’s washroom.

The mother told Lees that the principal instructed the children and parents that the biological boy was now to be treated as a “girl” at the request of the parent.

When the mother approached the principal with her concerns, the principal expressed surprise that the matter was a concern for anyone. The principal heard the mother’s concerns and brought them to the attention of the superintendent of education. The matter has not yet been resolved.

LifeSiteNews asked the Toronto Catholic District School Board for comment, but did not receive a response by press time.

Lees told LifeSiteNews that the mother is 'deathly afraid of being targeted' by activists if she were to go public with her concerns.

According to the mother, even school staff are afraid to say anything about the situation for fear of losing their job or being dragged before a human rights tribunal.

Lees told LifeSiteNews that he believes 'LGBT' activists are using the woman and her boy as a 'test case' to advance the homosexual agenda in Catholic schools.

While Lees said he has “no problem” with persons who express themselves in a way different from their biological makeup, he does have a problem when they force everyone else to comply with their demands.

Lees said the case emphasizes what happens when society rejects God’s ways, such as the creation of human beings as male and female, and replaces them with man-made laws and norms that run contrary to the created order.

'Man desires to rule and to be god,' he said.

'The reasons why we have these problems in our schools is because for the last two or three generations, people of faith have withdrawn. People of faith have become so busy with other aspects of their lives and they don’t know how to reengage.'  See here.


Deacon Keith Fournier, in an article for Catholic Online a few years ago, wrote: "The 'Gender Identity Movement' is dangerous. It is a part of a broader Cultural Revolution which substitutes an entirely different view of the dignity of the human person, human freedom, human flourishing, human sexuality, marriage and the family and the moral basis of a free society than that which formed Western Civilization."  See here.

Indeed Pope Benedict XVI, in a Christmas Address given in 2008, denounced the contemporary notion that gender is a malleable definition and said, "The Church speaks of the human being as man and woman, and asks that this order is respected."

Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., has noted that, "It has been a special scar on the worst pagan cultures and the worst idolatrous religions that they openly attacked the gender identities of the sexes.  They celebrated sexual indulgence, sexual experimentation, sexual symbols, fertility rites, temple prostitution, seasonal sex orgies, sexual abuse and enslavement of young women, girls and boys....But sex is not an accidental characteristic of man and woman.  A human person without sex is a monstrous abstraction.  Sex entails the very identity of each person; sex plunges to the deepest mystery of each person.  Hence the sexes and the vocations pertaining thereto are not interchangeable.  Each person is called to serve God and his fellowman, accepting gladly the sex with which one is endowed and the vocation attached to that sex." (The Antichrist, P. 231).

In the comments section of a previous post, Mr. Michael Cole noted how, "Homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals are often afflicted by evil spirits. Gender confusion is often a sign of demonic possession. Fr. Malachi Martin recounts the story of a possessed transsexual in his bestselling book 'Hostage to the Devil.' In the chapter titled 'The Virgin and the Girl-Fixer,' he writes, 'At one moment, Father Gerald, the exorcist, was bending over the possessed, Richard/Rita, who had sunk his teeth into his own instep. In the next instant, the glaze in Richard/Rita's eyes broke, melting into a lurid gleam of mockery. Greenish. The teeth loosened their grip on the instep. The mouth opened, baring gums and throat, the tongue protruded, quivering on a stream of gray foam bubbles. The whole face was furrowed in irregular lines, as Richard/Rita broke into peals of laughter. Great buffeting gusts of mocking, jeering, Schadenfreude laughter. Laugter pouring from a belly of amused scorn and contemptuous hate.'"

How quickly we forget this.  Gender confusion represents something more than a cultural revolution.  It is often the result of demonic possession.  The more a culture rejects the Living God and His Commandments, the more it sinks into an abyss of depravity.


David said...

Great, this way he can expose his privates to the girls or sexually accost them if he wants. Demonic. Where are the rights of the girls or their parents? Or don't their rights matter?

Unknown said...

I'm so fed up with this present world, I almost have to throw up. I feel so estranged, I don't fit in. If you don't act or dress "worldly" = indecently , you're pushed in a corner.


This world is so sick
since it removed the brick
the cornerstone, the pillar
and became the “GOD” killer

The only healing medication
is not a “vaccination”
but a remorseful return
if not, this world will burn

When plagues afflict us
we act like a wuss
We freak out about Ebola
“ try some Granola”

a worse disease is rampant
it comes to us very lambent
it’s the disease of immorality
of lawlessness and bestiality

God, the infinitely Merciful and Just
keep challenging Him, He’ll combust
who do we mortals think we are
a new sparkle shining Dog Star ?

We beg of You, Our Lord and Savior
bring a halt to the world’s barbaric behavior
As Your loyal followers, to You we cry out
help us even if You have to use a knout

2 Peter 3:10
But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.

Rita Biesemans August 6 2014 Feast of THE TRANSFIGURATION

Roger said...

They don't like to talk about sin or the abortion and sodomy agendas at OLI in Athol.

They have succumbed to the spirit of the Times.

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