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Pope Francis: A religion for a "forward-looking" turn of mind

During the Jubilee Year (on March 6, 2000), Cardinal Giacomo Biffi asserted what I had been saying since the mid 1990s, that the Antichrist is walking among us.

Cardinal Biffi said the Antichrist was not the beast with seven heads described in the Book of Revelation but a "fascinating personality" whose outward charm and plausibility had deceived his enemies. The cardinal said the Antichrist espoused vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.

He also identified the Antichrist as an expert on the Bible who nonetheless promotes "vague and fashionable spiritual values" rather than the Scriptures. He advocates ecumenical dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, including Anglicanism and the Orthodox Church. This appeared to be a worthy aim, but was in fact being used by the Antichrist in an attempt to water down and undermine Catholicism to the point where it collapsed.

The cardinal did not say whether he had any particular world figure in mind, and his real target seemed to be the substitution of "feel-good" causes, such as ecology and humanitarian aid, for "true religion".

Feel-good causes such as ecology and humanitarian aid as a substitute for true religion.  Is there any doubt that this is the agenda which is driving the papacy now.  Even now, Pope Francis prepares an Encyclical embracing the Green Religion (see here).  And the Pope who says, "Who am I to judge," when it comes to the homosexual orientation, thunders when it comes to humanitarian aid (see here).

Speaking about the Earth Charter and related globalism, Msgr. Michel Schooyans said, "In order to consolidate this holistic vision of globalism, certain obstacles have to be smoothed out and instruments put to work. Religions in general, and in the first place the Catholic religion, figure among the obstacles that have to be neutralized." Which certainly explains the HHS contraception mandate - one step in an ongoing process.  President Obama has even come out in full support of same-sex "marriage."  The Open Conspiracy is emboldened.  As H.G. Wells, himself a Socialist, had argued, traditional Christianity has been rendered "old-fashioned and unserviceable" [read obsolete] and religion must now "adapt itself" to our modern "forward looking turn of mind."

Enter the Earth Charter.  According to its founders, the Earth Charter is "a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century." The Earth Charter Commission hopes that the Charter will become the common standard "by which the conduct of all individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and transnational institutions [such as the Roman Catholic Church, my note] is to be guided and assessed."

The globalists who are behind the Earth Charter seek to promote a New Age religion which will neutralize the supernatural faith of Roman Catholicism. In the words of Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragan, "Clearly, we are faced with the total denial of Christianity." Which is why Mikhael Gorbachev, at the three separate press conferences at the RIO + 5 Conference, said that, "The Ten Commandments are out of date. They will be replaced by the [then] fifteen principles of the Earth Charter.

The Termite Nations have dispensed with God and His Commandments in their quest for unbridled hedonism. We are being prepared for the Reign of Antichrist. The Rev. P. Huchede, in his work entitled "History of Antichrist," explains the religious preparation, both intellectual and moral, for the Reign of Antichrist which will arrive after economic collapse: "But how shall he deprive the world of Christianity and have himself adored as God? Alas, it is only too true that the minds and hearts of men are admirably disposed for revolution and consequently ready to accept and bear the cruel yoke of such a tyrant. Revolution as the word itself implies means a subversion, but a subversion of all that is true, good, beautiful, and grand in the universe. It is the subversion of religion, representing its dogmas as myths and its moral teachings as tyranical. It is the subversion of authority...

Licentiousness under the name of liberty becomes the order of the day; each one is invested with the right to govern himself. It is the subversion of reason: and do we not find leading minds in some of the most enlightened nations denying the principle of contradiction and maintaining the absolute identity of all beings? Revolution is therefore essentially destructive, and it becomes cosmopolitan by the action of secret societies scattered throughout the world. Is it not true to say that the 'mystery of iniquity' is prepared in secret revolutionary dens? But it does not suffice to destroy; it is absolutely necessary to build up again. The world cannot subsist long in a vacuum. It must have a religion; it must have a philosophy; it must have an authority. Revolution will furnish all these. Instead of the reasonable and supernatural religion of Jesus Christ, Revolution will preach Pantheism. The God-humanity will impart the theurgic spirit and thus lead men to adore the demon as the author of universal emancipation...What frightful immorality must follow in the train of this shameless prostitution of religion! Never has the threefold concupiscence made greater ravage among mankind. And this is the religion sought and hoped for as the cherished boon of the aspirations of our modern free thinkers. To our Christian philosophy, the honor of humanity's revolution will substitute a babel of extravagant and absurd ideas. Instead of a mild and efficient authority consecrated alike by Church and state, despotism and anarchy will rise up and contend for the shreds of religious liberty and human policy...if the state of perversion continue for a while longer, he [Antichrist] will find the world prepared to receive and serve him." (Rev. P. Huchede, History of Antichrist, pp. 13-14, Tan Books).

Father Huchede addresses the fact of the open conspiracy: "Is it not true to say that the "mystery of iniquity" is prepared in secret revolutionary dens?"   This is the revolution called for by atheists, socialists, freemasons and all those who hate the Lord Jesus and His Mystical Body which is the Catholic Church.  H.G. Wells described the goal of the Open Conspiracy as, "an adequately implemented Liberal Socialism, which will ultimately supply teaching, coercive and directive public services to the whole world" and added that this, "is the immediate task before all rational people...There must be a common faith and law for mankind" and this will be achieved through a "World-State."

Is there really any doubt now among those who are spiritually awake - the faithful remnant - that there are dark forces directing world events?


Peter S. said...

At first, I was willing to give Francis the benefit of the doubt. Now, I am convinced that he's preparing us for satanic deception.

Pray everybody. The Deceiver is truly here.

Catherine D. said...

Enjoyed speaking with you in Keene this morning. Good luck with your evangelization efforts in the North Country.

God bless,

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this article, Paul, my eyes opened even more.
I wrote the Poem : "Swan Song" for Mother Earth after I had enough of constantly hearing weathermen on the News stations talking about Mother Nature and Mother Earth. That Earth Care Center Phoenix AZ published it on their website "Earth Care Center Az.
I started reading about it and understood why the Diocese chancellor was so rude to me. Many people advised me to try to publish my poems but I said : I don't have the money for that, somebody said : well maybe ask the diocese if they know how to do it. OK I called the chancellor : of course you don't get him on the phone, they are always busy !
The office woman said that he said to bring all my poems, he would read them and give advice if he thought them to be of any value. 2 days later I got a letter from the chancellor with only negative and denigrating comment. I called back but of course did not get him on the phone. I went to pick up my poems and asked to talk to him but they said : impossible he has NO TIME for that. But now that I understand even more what that Earth Charter stands for ( the chancellor is an active member) of course he mocks my poems : if you read my COEXISTENCE, The Church in Agony, The Church in Gethsemane, the Present Sodom and Gomorrah et al. those are not fitting into the Thinking and Acting Pattern of these Humanists-Freethinkers.
They don't care about "Mother"Earth they only use her to get rid of her Creator, to worship their own evil ideas of peace and coexistence on their worldly terms etc... I was shocked after that all ordeal.


In this world so full of pride
it’s all about ME, set God aside
the pressure is on to collect fancy titles
forcing others to listen to our recitals

Man wants to live in his own perception
twirling in a pool of vile deception
following the voice of the great deceiver
acting as satan’s true believer

How can there be any peace
how can the world’s fire cease
if we see ourselves as the center of the earth
which we cover with blood and dearth

We’ve lost the sense of right and wrong
we can as well sing our swan song
and we dare to call her “MOTHER”
while it’s her we try to smother

“Mother” earth is taking revenge
she shows her face as an avalanche
“how can you do this to us” we ask
“well simple, you didn’t fulfill your task”

In maltreating her, we defy our Creator
He placed us here to be her curator
but even in the Garden we didn’t behave
and chose to become satan’s slave.

The Father begs us to open our eyes
to turn back to Him and be wise
if not, the dice will be cast
die will “the dead hand of the past.”

No greater blind than he who does not want to see
No greater deaf than he who does not want to hear

Rita Biesemans, July 31 2014

Unknown said...

The Earth Care Community Services :

Executive Board
Board Officers
President Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer United Church of Christ
Secretary Nancy Splain United Church of Christ
Treasurer Dr. Tamera Zivic WHEAT Organization
Immediate Past President Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
At Large Fr. Michael Diskin Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix (Chancellor)
At Large Rev. Doug Bland Disciples of Christ
Commission Chairs/Board Members
Earth Care Sarah King United Methodist
Public Policy Billie Fidlin United Methodist
Theological Dialogue Rev. Al Gephart Presbyterian Church USA
Children, Youth & Household Linda Staats ELCA Lutheran
Worship Fr. Michael Diskin Roman Catholic
Disaster Relief Active under AzVOAD umbrella

BaldwinvilleCatholic said...

At Share International, the Maitreya, who is held up by New Agers as the New "Messiah," says that: "The environment will become the number one issue throughout the world. This growth in concern is the result of increasing Self-awareness. There is a link between the inner and the outer environment: the moment you become aware of yourself this awareness then leads you to look into the outer environment."

I never thought I would see the day when a pope would advance New Age green religion.

Anonymous said...

I'm unable to warn people about this. I mean, the evidence is clear for anyone on the internet to research and verify, but everyone dismiss the evidence by calling it a conspiracy theory. When you tell people that global warming is all about creating a world government they won't accept it. "After all, so many scientists agree." They don't understand how the usurers manufacture consensus. The insanity is that scientists believe that you can slow down time by moving, that rocks can become people, and that humans are just meaty robots. Yet, we have to agree with this mad consensus. The journalists don't even try to hide their agenda, but for some reason it's just paranoia to believe that there's an agenda.

Anonymous said...

I went to a group penance service at my NO parish. Group services just mean that about 5 priests come so that everyone can have a chance for an individual confession. Prior to individual confession, the priest will say a prayer or two and will go over sins we should probably confess. There's also a pamphlet available. Well, for the FIRST TIME EVER, our new parish priest said we should "confess sins committed against the earth." I don't even know what that is. Am I sinning by eating at McDonalds, or something? Am I supposed to be driving a Prius? What does that even mean?? I just dismissed it as more post-Vatican II fluff. Oh, but the Pope's writing an Encyclical on the environment, so I suppose we'll know shortly. (Rolling eyes)

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