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"Gay Marriage" and the frenzy of hate

John Zmirak writes, "The expected Supreme Court decision imposing on 50 states an entirely new understanding of marriage, and the frenzy of hatred that gay activists have stoked against Indiana for trying to shelter religious believers from crippling lawsuits should wake us to a cold and stark reality: The age of tolerance in America is vanishing before your eyes. The question is how Christians and other people of faith and good will are going to respond.

Let’s break this down in stark and simple terms: Not only were gay activists willing to overturn an act of Congress (the Defense of Marriage Act) on spurious grounds; they also wish to force their libertine idea of marriage onto voters in each of the 50 states, voiding dozens of laws on an issue that has always rested with the states.

Not satisfied with that, these activists want the full force of the regulatory state to compel every single American to affirm and accept the delusion of same-sex “marriage,” under the same civil and criminal penalties that now forbid discrimination by race. A famous case was a 70-year-old Christian florist who declined to decorate a gay wedding, and was crushed by a successful lawsuit and the full force of the ACLU’s legal team. She was one of the Brave New Law’s first victims. She will be far from the last.

These activists use the power of city governments (as in San Francisco) to try to intimidate isolated Catholic schools into abandoning Christian teaching on sexual ethics. Such zealots corrupt the academic authorities who grant accreditation in order to financially cripple schools such as Gordon College that maintain Christian “morals” clauses as part of their hiring policies.

Those who defend the reality of marriage, including even unbelievers who defend freedom of religion and association, are not simply wrong — they are “bigots” and “haters” who deserve to be fined, boycotted and bankrupted; to lose their jobs like Brendan Eich, the ex-CEO of Mozilla, and face financial ruin — as Elton John hopes to break Dolce & Gabbana, and as Apple CEO Tim Cook hopes to break the entire State of Indiana. Politicians are joining in, with the Connecticut governor, and Seattle and San Francisco mayors, banning official travel to Indiana.

As Austin Ruse points out, states such as Indiana are not giving Christians a pass to broadly discriminate against gays. Such religious freedom laws “deal with the very narrow question of whether vendors can be forced by the state to participate in religious ceremonies that violate their own religious consciences.”

Given the fanatical response to a modest bill virtually identical to a federal law upheld by courts and bills on the books in twenty other states, how long before the call comes out for the “bigots” to be imprisoned? The First Amendment won’t protect us, if leaders like Hillary Clinton have their way; in public statements she followed President Obama in replacing the Constitution’s “free exercise” with “freedom of worship.”

The implicit message shouldn’t be missed: Say what you want in church for an hour every Sunday, but the rest of the week belongs to us. Your homophobic beliefs deserve no more protection than the religious use of peyote."

Readers of this Blog know that I have been warning about the totalitarian nature of the homosexual hate movement for more than 20 years.

I have been warning for years that just prior to the Man of Sin revealing himself to the world, there would be a tremendous push for societal acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex "marriage."  Back in 2009, I warned that: "President Obama wants all Americans to accept and embrace homosexuality....And this really shouldn't surprise us. Those who abandon Divine Revelation and the Natural Law will no longer seek God and His precepts and Commandments but will instead pursue their own lusts and fantasies. Such people will create and adore their own gods which are almost always a mythical projection of their own vices. They attribute a religious dimension to these vices to 'baptize' them, to justify them in their own darkened minds*.

It was Saint Cyprian of Carthage, writing against the Greco-Roman pagan world and its vices, who said: 'That Jupiter of theirs is not more supreme in dominion than in vice, inflamed with earthly love in the midst of his own breaking forth by the help of birds to violate the purity of boys. And now put the question: Can he who looks upon such things be healthy-minded or modest? Men imitate the gods whom they adore, and to such miserable beings their crimes become their religion.' (Letters 1:8).

In a series of letters written from 1969-1970, Sister Lucia [of the Fatima apparition] wrote: 'It is indeed sad that so many people let themselves be dominated by the diabolical wave that is sweeping the world, and that they are blinded to the point of being incapable of seeing error! Their principal fault is they have abandoned prayer; in this way they have become estranged from God, and without God everything fails. The devil is very cunning and looks for our weak points in order to attack us. If we are not diligent and careful to obtain strength from God, we shall fall, for our age is very wicked and we are weak. Only the strength of God can keep us on our feet.'

There is a retreat from truth. Those of us who refuse to abandon our Christian faith must be demonized. We must be placed in a ghetto. Isolated. Portrayed as 'backward' and 'archaic.' And eventually placed in internment camps or simply eliminated altogether should we refuse to accept the New Order."

* Have I been wrong so far?  President Obama has attempted to use the Scriptures to justify his decision.  Speaker Pelosi asserts that her Catholic Faith "compels" her to support sodomy.

Benjamin Wiker notes that, "Making [homosexuality] monogamous does not make it any better, any more than a man promising to have sex with only one child would make it any less a reprehensible act of pedophilia."  Why then the push for "gay marriage"?  Because, as Wiker explains, this desire makes sense to "a materialist still nagged by subliminal, vestigial Christian moral habits" or the Christian "who has sold nearly everything in his universe to the materialist."  Or, as I've put it so many times before here at La Salette Journey, the Christian who has lost his faith but who hasn't steeled himself or herself to admit of this. 

Wiker wisely asserts that, "The notion of sanctifying homosexual unions by demanding that they be monogamous will soon enough go the way of limiting abortions to the first trimester.  Furthermore, the push for pedophilia is now the 'extreme' which will push homosexuality out of the spotlight of public debate and into full normality.  That pedophilia is even being debated, rather than simply rejected as unimaginably vile, means that it is likely the next item of sexual liberation due for normalization." ( Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D, Moral Darwinism: How We Became Hedonists, p. 312).

During the Reign of Antichrist, which is almost upon us, every sin, every vile act will be celebrated with abandon.  And every Commandment of God, every principle of morality will not only be laughed to scorn but will be outlawed.


Steven Cass said...

Let's be honest. The root cause of all this goes back to Anglicans becoming the first Christian denomination (almost spelled it "demonination... hmmm) to accept the use of artificial birth control, with grave reasons. Yeah, right. "Grave reasons" became "it's your Christian duty to limit your family size and so to use contraception." I happen to know several male-female couples who are "married" who have no intention to have children. Ever. In fact, it was one of the chief reasons they "married" the other person. And, frankly, if straight couples can have sterilized "marriages" why can't homosexuals? That's why the refusal of many bishops, priests, and educators, to teach Humanae Vitae was so terrible for the loss of faith.

It's my belief (and I'm willing to be corrected on this if you feel the need to), that the failure to teach Humanae Vitae is the number one reason for the loss of faith.

To add something of substance to this :-) this reminds me an article I recently read by the always wonderful Anthony Esolen about just how far gone we really are, and what we are up against as Catholics:

Anyway, God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Christians will die in the east, west, north and south. If the prophecy of La Salette is correct, much of humanity will be burnt to ashes by Divine Justice. Is there anyway to get people to stop blindly chasing their passions and think that they have a choice to choose which side to be on, heaven or hell? What's the use of prophecy if people don't realise they are participants in it?

Anonymous said...

In Wyoming "they" want to use government power to close churches that oppose sodomy:

Gay Group Demands Christian Churches be Shut Down

Warner Todd Huston

Apr 2, 2015

This is the only logical end for militant gay activism. Now a gay/LGBT group in Wyoming is demanding that the government shut down any church that has the temerity to believe that homosexuality is wrong.

Jeran Artery, the chairman of the gay group Wyoming Equality posted the stunning statement to his Facebook page… but like all liberals quickly removed it hoping that it would go down the Internet memory hole.

But the folks at Conservative Colorado got a screen shot of the post before Artery deleted it:

Today, in a stunning statement, Jeran Artery, Chairman of Wyoming Equality argued that churches who do not support same sex marriage should lose their tax exempt status.

“Churches that lobby to have freedoms and rights taken away from ANYONE should absolutely have their 501(c)3 status revoked!!”

Talk about tolerance, freedom of speech, and religious freedom. Disagree with Artery’s views of same sex marriage and your church will be shut down.

Gone are the days of pluralism. This is what tyranny looks like.

Well, let’s face it: With the hate that militant gays have whipped themselves up into, demanding that government shut down churches is a logical end argument

Unknown said...


O Mary, your bitter tears
my heart do pierce
Our Mother is crying
Her Son is dying
to save us humanity
from complete insanity.
At the foot of the Cross
for words I feel at a loss
our sins are causing You distress
I'm begging You for forgiveness
I offer You my fears and mishap
crawling on Your Mother's lap
O my Jesus, I need You, I need You
satan plans coup after coup
to destroy me, hoping I'd revolt
he scares me like a thunderbolt
but while walking in Your footstep
on satan's knuckles I will rap
enough, enough, I do tell him
the cup is stored unto the brim.
Kneeling at His cross's foot
Jesus tells me to stay put
"Let My Graces thee overflow
My Cross gave satan the final blow"
I love you so much My child
and while dying He even smiled.
Thank You, Mary for this gift,
and by this my soul did lift.

Rita Biesemans, Good Friday 3/29/2013

Unknown said...


God Himself came into this world
to share the life of us, His creatures
the scroll of the Lord got unfurled
He showed us His heavenly features

But we treated Him so hateful
so arrogant and so defiant
with a behavior so ungrateful
refusing to be anything but compliant

Although he came to save us
from the gates and fires of Hell
we scourged Him calling Him a cuss
we crucified Him and said “farewell”

Though we don’t deserve Your compassion
Your Love and Mercy overcomes it all
You keep acting in a persevering fashion
to have us perform well over the long haul.

Thank You Jesus for saving us and setting us free from the bondage of satan and the fires of Hell.
I realize all too well that it’s up to us to accept or reject this freedom by accepting or rejecting You.
I love You Jesus, don’t let me ever go astray.

Rita Biesemans, Good Friday April 18 2014

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