Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sign this petition.....

LifeSiteNews is offering an important petition in the light of yesterday's disastrous "Supreme Court" decision.  It may be found here.

Many, including those in the demonic Obama administration, are calling this asinine decision a "victory for love."

Father Leonard Kennedy, c.s.b., in a review of Dr. Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg's book "The Battle for Normality," writes: "...homosexual 'love' is not love but ego-satisfaction, and acting it out only deepens the void inside.  That is why 'the vast majority of active homosexuals are promiscuous, and much more so than promiscuous heterosexuals.'  The fairy tale faithful homosexual 'union' is a propaganda item, to win privileges from the law and acceptance within Christian churches."

Dutch psychologist Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, Ph.D., a specialist on homosexuality, says that the claim that homosexuality is normal is one of those statements that are "so foolish that only intellectuals could believe them." It is like saying that anorexia nervosa is healthy. Dr. Aardweg notes that, "The term neurotic describes such relationships well. It suggests the ego-centeredness of the relationship; the attention-seeking instead of loving...Neurotic, in short, suggests all kinds of dramas and childish conflicts as well as the basic disinterestedness in the partner, notwithstanding the shallow pretensions of 'love.' Nowhere is there more self-deception in the homosexual than in his representation of himself as a lover. One partner is important to the other only insofar as he satisfies that other's needs. Real, unselfish love for a desired partner would, in fact, end up destroying homosexual 'love'!" (Dr. Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, The Battle for Normality, Ignatius Press, 1997, pp. 62-63).

The Holy Spirit assures us that those who engage in homosexual acts are haters of God (Romans 1:30).   The push for same-sex "mmarriage" has nothing to do with love and everything to do with hate.

Those who love God keep His Commandments (John 14:15).



L.S. said...

It was good seeing the team in Franconia. God bless you for your work in evangelization.

Pax Christi!

Michael Poulin said...

Let's see how many priests condemn this in their homilies today. I know mine will, but I'm pretty sure 99.5% will be silent or else pro. The Vatican II cult ruling the Catholic Church has long abandoned Jesus' Kingship over nations. The Vatican II cult takes joy in embracing, not condemning the people who flout divorce, contraception, abortion, paganism, communism and sodomy in favor of some flaky "social justice" earth-man centered agenda. There will be no strong condemnations coming from "Pope" Francis or "Archbishop" O'Malley or "Bishop" McManus. They will be silent, unlike the Lord Jesus Christ who called the Pharisees "brood of vipers" (meaning sons of satan really) and "whitewashed tombs." Unlike the current Catholic hierarchy, Jesus would never cower when speaking the Truth. This Sunday the Catholics who still attend the Novus Ordo cult will hear nothing but happy horseshit "love love love love blah blah blah...."

Chris Whittle said...

I signed the petition.

Michael F Poulin said...

Sorry, correction: "flout" should have been "flaunt" in the above rant.

Michael Poulin said...

Here is part of an interview from the Boston Globe of "Archbishop" Sean O'Malley.

" “Certainly every citizen of this land, regardless of their sexual orientation, deserves to be respected in their personal and civic life,” he said. “But enshrining same sex marriage in our constitutional system of governance has dangers that may become fully evident only over time.”

O’Malley added that the decision “embodies a quite different understanding of the meaning of marriage than held by the church.”

He invited Catholics to “remember and reaffirm the fundamental truths of our faith about marriage,” but urged them to participate in the debate over gay marriage with “civility and charity.” "

Another limp-wristed response from a false shepherd.

Mr O'Malley fails to mention homosexual behavior is a sin that cries out to Heaven.
Mr O'Malley fails to condemn homosexuality in any case any where or at any time
Mr O'Malley fails to warn practicing homosexuals that unless they repent of their sin they will go to Hell forever.
Mr O'Malley fails to condemn to so-called "catholics" who sit on the so-called "Supreme Court" for enabling sin and participating in it.
Mr O'Malley fails to come to the aid of those businesses and people harassed and persecuted for following their conscience who are not having their "personal and civic life respected."
Mr O'Malley has failed to even teach Catholics in his own diocese what the Catholic meaning of marriage is, because he's too busy handing out communion through a border fences posing for photo ops, being "blessed" by heretic wymin "bishops", and sucking up to the Modernist heretics in Rome.
Mr O'Malley has failed to shut down the open defiance by so-called "catholics" of St Cecilia's parish who openly parade and celebrate their sin.
Mr O'Malley has failed to root out and remove homosexual clergy in his diocese, who still are in place putting their parishes and children in both spiritual and physical danger.
Mr O'Malley, the time is over for civility and charity, you need to condemn the public sin and the unrepentant public sinners as Jesus did or else you yourself will be condemned.

TLM said...

Thanks for this.....sorry, I was so intent on signing the petition and sending it on, I forgot to post my thanks for this. I actually sent it on to my Pastor and a few people I thought would sign, although I don't hold my breath waiting for my Pastor to sign it or respond to me. We heard not ONE mention of this travesty at Mass over the weekend, not even a reference to what went on. It was as if nothing ever happened. If he doesn't respond to me, I am going to personally have a conversation with him one on one. Very respectfully, tactfully and charitably of course, but gone are the days that we sit like little 'church mice' and not hold our Priest's feet to the fire. Those days are LONG GONE.

Thanks again for all you do.

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