Sunday, October 16, 2016

Francis: An authority on spiritual schizophrenia

Francis on hypocrisy:

 “Beware of bad leaven, that of the Pharisees.’ And what is that? It’s hypocrisy. Be on your guard against the Pharisees’ leaven which is hypocrisy.”

Hypocrisy, the Holy Father pointed out, is when we invoke God with our lips, but our hearts are distant from Him.

Spiritual Schizophrenia

Hypocrisy is an internal division. We say one thing and we do another. It’s a kind of spiritual schizophrenia.."

Spiritual schizophrenia?  Such as exhorting other Bishops to be patient while failing to practice patience yourself Francis?

Saying one thing and doing another: The way of Francis.

Who's "non-Christiano"?

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Anonymous said...

Judge not less you yourselves be judged. Looks like Mr. Bergoglio is eating his own words.

If he wants to meet a spiritual hypocrite, he need not look far. Everyone following him is a hypocrite, and he can look at himself in a mirror.

BaldwinvilleCatholic said...

He preaches patience and screams at Catholics, even brothers in the episcopate. He tells is to practice "mercy" but he fails miserably to practice it himself by not offering us the wheat of truth but rather the chaff of error.

Don't look to him. Look to Christ Jesus and the glorious popes we have been blessed 28th like Pope Saint John Paul II The Great and Pope Benedict XVI.

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