Friday, January 06, 2017

To see others...

"The man whose heart was hardened by wealth went to Rabbi Eisig. The Rabbi said to him: ''Look out of the window, and tell me what you see in the street.' 'I see people walking up and down .' Then he gave him a looking glass: 'Look in this and tell me what you see.' The man replied: 'I see myself.' 'So you do not see others anymore? Consider that the window and the mirror are both made of glass; but, since the mirror has a coating of silver, you only see yourself in it, while you can see others through the transparent glass of the window. I am very sorry to have to compare you to these two kinds of glass. When you were poor, you saw others and had compassion on them; but being covered with wealth, you see only yourself. It would be much the best thing for you to scrape off the silver coating so that you can again see other people.'"

- Jean de Menasce

Visited mom at therapy today as I do every day.  Mom's roommate is an elderly lady named Martha.  Martha's husband, also a veteran, died many years ago and is buried in Baldwinville. As mom and I talk, I always include Martha in the conversation.  Perhaps because I can appreciate the pain of feeling excluded or left out.  The three of us kid and joke and it's obvious that this brings her joy - her face lights up and radiates happiness.  I offer to get Martha a cup of coffee or cocoa when I get mom one.

These are little things.  But the difference we can make in a person's life is something we will never fully appreciate in this one,  only in eternity.

"By this will men know that you are My disciples.  That you have love for one another."

Meditation here.


John the Mad said...

Bravo. This is simple kindness and graciousness that lightens the loneliness of a lonely person. It is Catholicism at its basic best. As a veteran and a Catholic I salute you.

Unknown said...


I heard the Good Shepherd’s invitation
to be a Good Samaritan
to the destitute of His Creation
in this love-deprived Globalistan

If it is really You, my Lord
calling me to do this chore
don’t let it be an inedible gourd
bring me where You want me, I implore

I want to love You in the needy
whom You called me to serve
so that eyes may be bright and beady
and all tears may quickly swerve

I’m ready Lord, just pick me up
don’t let me wait too long
to drink the longed for stirrup cup
just let the big bell bong

I will give myself completely
until I no longer can
and will be waiting discreetly
for the coming of my Good Samaritan

Rita Biesemans, January 24 2014

To be a Good Samaritan : Help others in need without any thought for recognition or reward for yourself, for Heaven will be your reward.
Luke 10 : 25-37

8:02 PM

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks JTM, and I salute you as well for your service. I'm also a veteran. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I truly trust in the saving grace of Our Lord. But I worry that charity and shelter will not be given to a sorrowful penitent sinner who is seeking to escape the darkness of his or her past.

Am I wrong to think this way?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

God's Mercy is there for you.

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