Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Vatican cesspool: Rome becoming apostate

At Toronto Catholic Witness, we read:

"The Vatican is a cesspool of homosexuality, corruption, decadence, lies,deceit, theft, blackmail and counter blackmail.

Is that enough?

Polish media,  following very close developments from Italy, reports that the homosexual orgy actually took place about two months ago. Or longer. The Polish "kilkanaƛcie" literally means several, but it etymologically derives from "kilka" usually meaning two or plus.

This changes the entire story!

We are well aware now that Monsignor Luigi Capozzi is a sodomite. We also knew he used drugs, cocaine.

Now we know that Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi admitted to police he brought a bag of cocaine to the Vatican palace for use during homosexual activity with other churchmen. A bag!! There must have been quite a few churchmen who were snorting before engaging in....

So dear readers, here we have a priest who is a hard drug user, as well as being an active homosexual. What do the Roman authorities do? Remove him? Suspend him Defrock him? Nothing.

All they do is ensure he is not criminally charged. In an attempt to hide the homosexual orgy and drugs,  they first sent Capozzi to a rehab clinic. However, Polish media reports that a very high ranking Cardinal (Cocopalmario?) quickly removed him and transfered him to the safety and obscurity of Monte Cassino. As such, this story takes on a much more sinister one of an attempt at a massive cover-up at the highest levels in Rome.

Another thing. Just who else was with "Cocaine" Capozzi? How many were with him? Five, ten... fifteen? Were there bishops and cardinals engaging in .... (you know what)?

.A huge, huge attempt at a cover-up.

Well, somehow it got out.

So it brings a new meaning to "going out to the peripheries". Cardinals and others bend over backwards (no pun intended) to do all in their power to cover-up for just another gay-boy cleric."

"The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts very new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute. First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that Rome shall apostatize from the Faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. ...Then the Church shall be scattered, driven into the wilderness, and shall be for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible; hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church.”- Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, London: Burns and Lambert, pp. 88-90)

Cardinal Manning delivered a series of lectures in 1861 under the title “The Present Crises of the Holy See Tested by Prophecy” in which Manning he foresaw a future crises in the Roman Catholic Church initiated by a false ecumenism and progressivist theology that many orthodox Catholics have loathed following the Second Vatican Council. Manning believed that this progressivist current would undermine the authority of the Church and ultimately result in a departure from the true faith by the nations together with the displacement of the true pope by a false prophet, thus ushering in the Antichrist and global apostasy. Manning also believed secret societies like the Freemasons were part of this conspiracy. “The secret societies have long ago undermined and honeycombed the Christian society of Europe, and are at this moment struggling onward towards Rome, the center of all Christian order in the world,”he wrote. But when he looked at the prophecy in Revelation 18 concerning the end-time destruction of Mystery Babylon, Manning saw it was the hand of God in judgment of worldwide apostasy emanating from Rome:
"We read in the Book Apocalypse, of the city of Rome, that she said in the pride of her heart, “I sit as a queen, and am no widow, and sorrow I shall not see. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day: death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be burned with fire, because God is strong who shall judge her.” Some of the greatest writers of the Church tell us that…the great City of Seven Hills…the city of Rome will probably become apostate…and that Rome will again be punished, for he will depart from it; and the judgment of God will fall…"

Manning explained how many of Catholicism’s greatest theologians agreed with this point of view:

"The apostasy of the city of Rome…and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts so new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians, of greatest repute. First, Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Viegas, Suarez, Bellarmine, and Bosius, that Rome shall apostatize from the faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ, and return to its ancient paganism. Malvenda’s words are:
'But Rome itself in the last times of the world will return to its ancient idolatry, power, and imperial greatness. It will cast out its Pontiff, altogether apostatize from the Christian faith, terribly persecute the Church, shed the blood of martyrs more cruelly than ever, and will recover its former state of abundant wealth, or even greater than it had under its first rulers.'
Lessius says: 'In the time of Antichrist, Rome shall be destroyed, as we see openly from the thirteenth chapter of the Apocalypse;' and again: 'The woman whom thou sawest is the great city, which hath kingdom over the kings of the earth, in which is signified Rome in its impiety, such as it was in the time of St. John, and shall be again at the end of the world.'
 And Bellarmine: 'In the time of Antichrist, Rome shall be desolated and burnt, as we learn from the sixteenth verse of the seventeenth chapter of the Apocalypse.' On which words the Jesuit Erbermann comments as follows: 'We all confess with Bellarmine that the Roman people, a little before the end of the world, will return to paganism, and drive out the Roman Pontiff.'

 Viegas, on the eighteenth chapter of the Apocalypse says: 'Rome, in the last age of the world, after it has apostatized from the faith, will attain great power and splendor of wealth, and its sway will be widely spread throughout the world, and flourish greatly. Living in luxury and the abundance of all things, it will worship idols, and be steeped in all kinds of superstition, and will pay honor to false gods. And because of the vast effusion of the blood of martyrs which was shed under the emperors, God will most severely and justly avenge them, and it shall be utterly destroyed, and burned by a most terrible and afflicting conflagration.'"

 It was Saint John Bosco who prophesied, "And to you, Rome, what will happen! Ungrateful Rome, effeminate Rome, proud Rome! You have reached such a height that you search no further. You admire nothing else in your Sovereign except luxury, forgetting that you and your glory stands upon Golgotha. Now he is old, defenseless, and despoiled; and yet at his word, the word of one who was in bondage, the whole world trembles.

Rome! To you I will come four times.

The first time, I shall strike your lands and the inhabitants thereof.

The second time, I shall bring the massacre and the slaughter even to your very walls. And will you not yet open your eyes?

I shall come a third time and I shall beat down to the ground your defenses and the defenders, and at the command of the Father, the reign of terror, of dreadful fear, and of desolation shall enter into your city.

But My wise men have now fled and My law is even now trampled underfoot. Therefore I will make a fourth visit. Woe to you if My law shall still be considered as empty words. There will be deceit and falsehood among both the learned and the ignorant. Your blood and that of your children will wash away your stains upon God's law. War, pestilence and famine are the rods to scourge men's pride and wickedness. O wealthy men, where is your glory now, your estates, your palaces? They are the rubble on the highways and byways.

And your priests, why have you not run to 'cry between the vestibule and the Altar,' begging God to end these scourges? Why have you not, with the shield of faith, gone upon the housetops, into the homes, along the highways and byways, into every accessible corner to carry the seed of My word? Know you that this is the terrible two-edged sword that cuts down My enemies and breaks the Anger of God and of men?"
In our own time, the germ ideas of a one-world religion are already being sowed. And this false humanitarian religion will burst into poisonous flower when enough hearts have grown cold and have abandoned the true religion. As Jane Le Royer explained in prophecy: "When the time of the Antichrist is near, a false religion will appear which will be opposed to the unity of God and His Church. This will cause the greatest schism the world has ever known."

Can you not see the emerging signs? How do we find the Church today? The Mystical Body of the Crucified One - the Holy Catholic Church - is climbing Calvary, carrying a heavy cross. She is experiencing the hour of abandonment and betrayal. Her body is being tormented by the scourges of sin which strike at it and by numerous sacrileges which open up deep wounds in it.

And Francis, fond of referring to traditional Catholics as "hypocrites," remains mute.


Barbara Jensen said...

Thank you for this honest article. There is a new and salient posting by Dr. Kelly Bowring at Two Hearts Press which delineates the relevance of all Marian apparitions over the years indicating that Rome has now apostazied and is in the grips of those allied with the new world order. Most commentators today do not give credence to the apparitions of Mary, even the approved ones, but Dr. Kelly Bowring has studied all of them and is knowledgeable about them. He is thoroughly orthodox and a courageous man as he has been speaking these realities for a long time and has suffered for doing so. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH HIS LATEST VIDEO (PUT OUT ON THE FEAST OF THE ?SACRED HEART THIS YEAR JUNE 23, 2017). It can be found at Two Hearts Press.
Your speaking about the Church 'disappearing into the wilderness is upon us now. More and more there are articles in Cathoic circles stating that we have an apostate pope--read antipope. It is important for those who love God to understand where we are right now, Catholic prophecy is now being fulfilled and we must face it and prepare through prayer and allegiance to Christ. Thank you again for this good article.

Anonymous said...

Vatican II was the beginning of the eclipse of the Church, not now! The false church has been steeped in heresy for 50+ years and they're only now approaching the end goal. The Pope was driven out prior to 1960 and Our Lady of Fatima tried to warn us, as she did at Quito as well!

Elizanna said...

The only thing with which I disagree is your headline. If you want to see Rome "becoming" apostate, you have to look in your rearview mirror. That train left the station a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Need for Francis to clean house of the homosexual friendly clergy he has promoted AFTER they were exposed for cover ups of pederast homosexual clergy. He Francis IS the one who should explain WHY??, he promoted or reinstated Maradiaga of Honduras, two bishops in Chile, Three in Belgium, R Marx-Germany, Coccopalmeiro and Depaglia of Argentina not to mention infamous Ftr. Roisicia and Martin-Amer Mg. and homosexual predator Father Involio-defrocked by Pope Benedict....... Otherwise Francis should do as AB Pell has done and take a Leave of Absence and return Pope Benedict to the papacy before schism and scandal wreck what little is left of the CINO Rc fading church in the western world.

Anonymous said...

I will be very surprised if the hand of our just God does not let loose a horrible chastisement on Oct. 13, if not before. Truly, things cannot get much worse than this, so time is very short. Be prepared.

Rosa Lopes said...

This is no news to us as God the father has been warning us since 2010 .we are the Disciples for the last days the remnant army chosen by God to pray sacrifice and warn God's children of the approaching Anti Christ and the false Prophet who is Bergolion Known as is the site with all the messages from God .Father of love and mercy.

Rosa Lopes said...

Oh yes they can in fact They are going to distroy the bride of Christ by removing the Holy Eucharist and the next pope is going to be the Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

We believe there is a similar scandal unfolding involving Jesuit AB of Spain Francis appointed to replace sacked Ab Muellar. Disturbing Similar cover up by the Spain Ab as with Coccopalmeiro and Depaglia of Arg., R Marx, Belgian and Chilean Bishops............ The list goes on and on.SHAME on Francis and the liberals he has appointed like Cino Fthr. Martin of Amer. Mgz., Roisica and Ven. hd of Jesuits. Shame indeed.

Cyn M said...

I read somewhere last night that it was the cardinal's secretary who was involved in this scandal, and not the cardinal himself, that the cardinal was the owner of the apartments where it occurred. However, the entire situation of blatant debauchery and sin within the Vatican has become untenable. Much prayer and reparation needed for all involved. Prayers for all clergy of every rank, and especially those within the Vatican hierarchy. Thank you, Paul, for keeping us apprised of the current situations and crises within the Faith.

Anonymous said...

Could you please give the reference to the quote attributed to Saint John Bosco? If you could, I would much appreciate. Thanks

Barbara Jensen said...

I would like to point out to Anonymous that all popes up to /Bergoglio were valid popes. The Second Vatican Council was a valid Council. It is the interpretation of the pastoral points of this Council that is false. Bergoglio is not Pope. Benedict XV1 is the true Pope and he was forced out by the corrupt factions and work in the Vatican.

cogito said...

But, but... "Who am I to judge?"

cogito said...

"The Vatican is a cesspool of homosexuality...."
Yes, but let us not forget the mantra, "Who am I to judge?"

Bai Macfarlane said...

This is Bai Macfarlane, Director of Mary's Advocates, upholding true marriage against unilateral no-fault divorce. I'd like to correspond with Paul Anthony Melanson. We presently have a controversy at the C.D.F. between myself Cardinal Cocopalmerio. Cocco.' He was the person behind Monsignor Luigi 'Cocaine' Capozzi, orchestrating the "massive cover-up at the highest levels in Rome."

Read about my controversy with Cardinal Coccopalmerio "Appeal to the Holy See Controversy over Church Teaching on Divorce," here

Please say hi via e-mail:

Bai Macfarlane

Wendy said...

Beautiful Bai, keep up the great work!

TLM said...

Thanks Barbara Jensen for the latest information on Dr. Bowring. I didn't even know who this man was until after March 13, 2013 when Jorge Bergoglio was elected to sit in the Chair of Peter. I read quite a bit from him early on and was gripped with the accuracy of his predictions, and have hopped over to 'Two Hearts Press' from time to time to see if he had anything new. And yes, he has suffered tremendously at the hands of many in the 'Catholic' blogosphere. I will, later today when I have a minute go over to check out his site. Thanks again.

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