Monday, September 18, 2017

Father James Martin, S.J.: Unbeliever or demoniac?

Over at Fatima Network Perspectives, Christopher Ferrara writes:

"As I have already shown..
behind Father James Martin’s treacly grin is a cunning subversive on a mission to overturn, if it were possible, the Church’s infallible teaching, rooted in the divine and natural law, that homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity, … [as] tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered’…; Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

On and on Father Martin goes, preaching the lie that homosexual acts are not only not depraved, but on the contrary are genuine expressions of what he calls “love.”  Martin even dared to proclaim openly during a conference at Fordham University (my alma mater) that there is nothing wrong with the depraved acts performed by his homosexual friend “Mark” and that he professes not to understand how “even the most traditionalist, homophobic, closed-minded Catholic cannot look at my friend and say: that is a loving act...”

As Scripture makes clear, the irreproachable Justice of God recognizes the sin of Sodom as one of the four sins that “cry out” to Heaven for divine retribution, along with murder, the oppression of widows and orphans, and cheating workers out of their just wages.  (Cf. Gen. 4:10; Gen. 18:20-21; Exod. 21-23;Deut. 24:14-15). Of course, these sins may be forgiven by the merciful God through the ministry of the Church. Nor does the Church teach hatred of those who commit such sins, but on the contrary her perennial counsel is “hate the sin, love the sinner.”

But forgiveness is not possible without repentance and a resolution to sin no more.  Martin, on the other hand, denies the need for repentance and teaches that intrinsically depraved homosexual acts are good.  This is simply monstrous.  And yet not only does he get away with it, day in and day out, he has even been given a promotion to the status of a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications..."

Of course, Francischurch is committed toward genuflecting before the Devil.

Today we are living in the most decadent, violent and faithless period in the history of mankind. But many cannot see this because they have succumbed to satanic pride. Satan fell in love with his own beauty and wound up rebelling against God and leading other angels to do the same, drawing them to Hell.

Today, bishops, priests, religious and laity, puffed up with satanic pride, have become enamored with themselves and their "intellectual prowess." And like their master, the father of all lies (John 8: 44), these too are now rebelling against God and His Holy Church.

These sons of Hell spend much of their waking hours contradicting Sacred Scripture, denying dogma and popularizing immorality. These pseudo-intellectuals arrogantly divinize man's intellect while ridiculing the Word of God. Saint Paul spoke of these disciples of Lucifer in 2 Timothy 4: 1-4: "I charge you to preach the word, to stay with this task whether convenient or inconvenient - correcting, reproving, appealing - constantly teaching and never losing patience. For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine, but, following their own desires, will surround themselves with teachers who tickle their ears. They will stop listening to the truth and will wander off to fables."

In Romans 1, Saint Paul emphasizes the fact that there is a connection between a refusal to acknowledge and obey God and a subsequent degeneration of morality. And yet, with all the sex abuse scandals within the Church and all the sexual immorality and dissent, there has been very little discussion about this truth. False worship and pride in one's own intellect cause spiritual blindness and subject men to the destructive and degrading drives of fallen nature - most especially in the area of sex. Saint Paul tells us that people who fall into such spiritual blindness begin to encourage others to do so. And so infidelity spreads like a cancer.

There is an increasingly hostile attitude toward Sacred Scripture on the part of many who believe that they can "correct" God's Word. Still others, as you note, alter the scriptures because a particular verse convicts them.

Contrast this arrogance with the Church Fathers. When confronted with such an arrogant approach to God's Word, they responded in no uncertain terms:

"They have not feared to lay hands upon the sacred Scriptures, saying that they have corrected them. Nor is it likely that they themselves are ignorant of how very bold their offense is. For either they do not believe that the sacred Scriptures were spoken by the Holy Spirit, in which case they are unbelievers, or if they regard themselves as being wiser than the Holy Spirit, what else can they be but demoniacs." (St. Hippolytus of Rome, "Fragment" in Eusebius, History of the Church, 5, ch. 28).

Father Martin is one or the other.  In either case, he has forfeited any and all credibility with serious Catholics who adhere to Church teaching.


Unknown said...


This world has gone nuts
you really need some guts
to withstand the temptation
not to loose your salvation

While the world is going wild
you will be “the pitiful exiled”
You’ll be pushed into a corner
where you’ll be the mourner

But the only thing that matters
is not to act as poor beggars
no, for when you follow the Lord
you throw this world overboard

Satan knows where he can go
to play his demonic puppet show
back into the hottest fires of hell
where forever all devils will dwell

Fight back every satanic ruse
ok you might have to sing the blues
but what counts is the end result
you being the victor over all the occult

In the meantime full-hearted venerating
and prayerfully, faithfully awaiting
the return of the One and only Creator
Who will forever ban satan, His traitor
Rita Biesemans March 5 2017

Stephanie said...

Cyn M said...

I wonder if Father James Martin has ever read this verse...."Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." Isaiah 5:20 He might want to brush up on his scripture reading.

David said...

Martin is, in my opinion, at least demon infested. He may even be devil possessed. His strange grin as he promotes abomination is evidence of the demonic.

Orange Catholic said...

Father Martin should be excommunicated for his heretical views. That he would be promoted in FrancisChurch says it all. Revolting!

Elizabeth Schmeidler said...

Yet, those who speak the Truth, are called haters. It's sad to see the faithful divided, but I believe that it's going to be that way until Jesus comes again. Imagine if even the faithful hated what Jesus hates, rather than hating those who adhere to Church teaching. Pray for all priests. Pray for conversion of the lost, refreshing of Spirit and protection for the steadfast, and courage for all who are shouting Jesus' Name above the crowd. Here's my song, about Romans 12:9

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