Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Athol Daily News publishes an offensive anti-Christian cartoon...

The Athol Daily News, a local newspaper which is published and written by leftist ideologues, today published a political cartoon from Kevin Siers of The Charlotte Observer showing Roy Moore reading the Scripture where Jesus says, “Suffer the little children to come unto me."

The implication of this cartoon is obvious. For this same cartoon shows Moore asserting that, "The media are just trying to destroy those who follow God's Word."

If indeed Roy Moore has accosted underage females (something not yet established), this anti-Christian cartoon is insinuating that he receives his marching orders from Christ Jesus.

When "comedian" George Carlin used this same Scripture in a blasphemous way, the Catholic League addressed that instance of Catholic bashing.  See here.

It is perhaps unrealistic to expect the far-left propagandists at The Athol Daily News to strive for anything even remotely resembling objectivity.  Like most fanatics, nothing will produce the slightest crack in their wall of conviction.

It would be nice if they could at least refrain from insulting Christians and their deeply-held beliefs.

I won't be holding my breath.


Jason said...

I stopped buying this liberal rag a long time ago. Almost everyday they strain to avoid stories which paint the Democratic Party or people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in a negative light while bending over backwards to attack the Republican Party and Conservative principles.

Do yourself a favor Christians and Conservatives...don't buy this partisan paper.

Orange Catholic said...

Disgusting! I urge local businesses to pull their advertising from this hate-filled, Christianophobic paper. This sort of anti-Christian bigotry has no place in our community.

Derek said...

You'll notice that the paper never insults Mohammed. Anti-Catholicism is considered an acceptable bias today.

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