Monday, May 21, 2018

Francis: God creates people with the homosexual inclination...

The Sun is reporting that Francis told a homosexual man that God made him that way.  See here.

"Homosexuality is not hardwired...whatever genes are involved represent predispositions, not predeterminations."

"..there is an inescapable component of heritability to many human behavioral traits. For virtually none of them is heredity ever close to predictive."

-Dr. Francis S. Collins, one of the world's leading scientists who works at the cutting edge of DNA.

Translated simply, this brilliant scientist is saying that while genes might predispose a person toward homosexuality, they do not predetermine the behavior.  A person still has free will.  Which is why homosexual persons can change their sexual orientation.

Francis would have you believe that homosexual persons are born that way and that science validates homosexuality.  But the Catholic Medical Association, in Homosexuality and Hope, summarizes the reality:

"A number of researchers have sought to find a biological cause for same-sexual attraction.  The media have promoted the idea that a 'gay gene' has already been discovered...but, in spite of several attempts, none of the much-publicized studies...has been scientifically replicated.  A number of authors have carefully reviewed these studies and found that not only do the studies not prove a genetic basis for same-sex attraction; the reports do not even contain such claims...If same-sex attraction were genetically determined, then one would expect identical twins to be identical in their sexual attractions.  There are, however, numerous reports of identical twins who are not identical in their sexual attractions." (Homosexuality and Hope, Catholic Medical Association, p. 2).

Francis and the homosexual propagandists need to reflect very carefully on the hard science which disproves the notion that "gay" people are "born that way."

The apostasy spreads.


Orange Catholic said...

Is there no end to his scandalous comments and behavior?

Kathleen1031 said...

He's just tapping into the "born that way" mantra of homosexuals like Lady Gaga, and making hay with it. He's pleasing his base, which obviously wants homosexuality given God's approval, and they got it, in people's minds anyway. This will go a long way toward normalizing sodomy, people can't hold up under this kind of cheerleading. Nobody wants to be more Catholic than the pope, and from here on in we're going to hear about it. He has effectively pulled the rug out from under arguments and there's no point saying he hasn't.
This man is a devil. If God meant what He said in scripture, then either we have got it wrong for 2000 years or the pope is correct and God approves of homosexuality. It is inconsistent to say anything else. This man is going to cause a crisis of faith for so many people unless he is openly called a heretic and the faithful warned to have nothing to do with him, by a Bishop or Cardinal. Have we NO men with zeal for God's church??
Next up, Queer Jesus, openly homosexual married priests and religious, lady priests, and eventually, lowering the age of consent so these perverts can have boy toys and not be criticized for it.

Unknown said...

If that would be true that homosexuals are created like that by the Creator God, God would never have punished Sodom and Gomorrah !!!!!
Rita Biesemans

Andrew said...

Anonymous said...

BEHOLD "THE CHURCH WILL BE IN ECLIPSE" and the world will wonder.

Peter said...

If these words of Pope Francis are true, they are extremely troubling because of their perversity: it is known that sexual abuse of young men/boys can cause homosexual feelings, therefore it is perverse and warped in the extreme to say to a poor fellow who was abused that God made you this way. Horrible! Such a thing to say!

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