Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts: Homosexual agenda?

As Church Militant notes:

"Dan Schutte, a former Jesuit and active homosexual..composed a number of hymns that were included in the Gather hymnal, commonplace in Catholic parishes in the Unites States. Traditional-minded Catholics often criticize Gather for being sappy and secularized.

Among his best known songs are 'Here I Am, Lord,' what some have described as the 'gay anthem' of LGBT Catholics. The 70-year-old composer is himself widely believed to be an active homosexual after leaving priestly formation with the Jesuits. According to a 2004 article by Dr. Brian J. Kopp, Schutte is 'a partnered gay man.'

Schutte and a man named Mike Gale were named as 'partners' in Marie Schutte's obituary, Dan Schutte's mother. Further investigation revealed both men lived at the same address in San Francisco, and together formed the now-defunct group Pilgrim Music."

Saint Mary's Church in Orange, Massachusetts, the same Church which promotes Father Jonathan Morris, who has misrepresented Catholic teaching with regard to homosexuality, see here, regularly uses the song "Here I Am, Lord" in its liturgy.

Is Saint Mary's Church advancing a homosexual agenda?  While the parish has banned me from its Facebook Page (I attempted to post articles defending the Magisterial teaching of the Church with regard to homosexual acts, citing No. 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in the process).  My posts were deleted and I was banned from their Facebook Page.

This is the same Church which never welcomed me and prohibited me from participating in parish ministry.

Could that be because I actually accept the teaching of the Catechism?

While Saint Mary's embraces Dan Schutte's music, faithful Catholics elsewhere have taken a stand against the homosexual composer.  See here.

Breaking: Ex Nuncio on Francis' failure in the Cardinal McCarrick case.  See here


Cyn M said...

Keep on defending the *True faith* and teachings as handed down from Christ. God bless you for your bravery in the face of such blatant dissent from Catholic teaching.You are truly in the trenches daily. You have my utmost respect and admiration for continuing to live the Truth publicly, no matter the cost.God bless and keep you, prayers offered daily for you and your work.

Orange Catholic said...

What's alarming Cyn M is that orthodox Catholics like Paul, faithful to revealed truth and tradition, are systematically excluded from parish life and any meaningful participation while those who embrace dissent are welcomed. St. Mary's has no problem with a priest who misrepresents Church teaching but maintains an animus against Paul because he believes that homosexual acts are gravely sinful.

The $64,000 question: Why don't we hear anything, and I mean ANYTHING, from the pulpit regarding sexual sins?

Our Lady of Fatima said that more souls go to Hell because of sexual sins than any other.

Why the animus against Paul? Because there are forces that demand the "right" to these sins!

Cyn M said...

The forces are Satan's minions, Paul

Brian said...

It is the same at my parish. Nothing from our "pastor" about abortion, homosexuality, fornication, adultery etc. But then, many priests cannot condemn these evils because they are engaging in them.

Alan said...

The hypocrisy of "Pope" Francis is now readily apparent. He enabled McCarrick and reversed Pope Benedict XVI's censures aimed at the disordered prelate. Small wonder he received a cold reception in Ireland and abuse victims were disappointed.

Unknown said...


The signs of the times
speak loud and clear
the sounds of the chimes 
are set in high gear 

Progressives are winning
the hearts and the mind
of those who are sinning
while keeping them blind

They play the “good guys”
people are in adoration
gladly following their lies 
on the way to damnation

Rome will loose the faith
said Our Lady at La Salette
they close the Heaven’s gate
playing the harbinger’s trumpet

Nowadays everything goes
“Jesus forgave all sinners”
forget violent Death Throes
In Jesus there are only winners

No words about “go and sin no more”
no life style change exhortation
no admonition on how to restore
the only true way to our salvation

Rome Rome you kicked out Peter
and gave Jesus the Judas kiss
remember the end of this cheater
“repent’ or end up in the abyss !!!

Rita Biesemans, written October 9 2014

SaintMary'sParishioner said...

I think the parish is uber liberal. More concerned with social justice issues than morality. Father Shaun spoke briefly on the abuse crisis but neglected to mention that this is a homosexual problem. He spoke of the need for "safe environments," but without addressing the homosexual dimension, safe environments are an illusion.

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