Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Francis contradicts Venerable Mary of Agreda...Virgin Mary was open to sexual relations..

As we read at Michael Journal:

"Venerable Mary of Agreda was born on April 2, 1602, in Agreda, Spain. Christened Maria Fernandez Coronel, she took the blue habit and made her vows as a nun in the Franciscan order, and in 1627 she became abbess of the Agreda Franciscan monastery until her death on May 24, 1665. The process for sainthood began a few years after her death, as she had lived a life of evident holiness in the eyes of her contemporaries. During her life, she had experienced mystical phenomena including private revelations.

The most famous of these writings is the Mystical City of God: Divine History of the Virgin, Mother of God, which had been dictated by the Virgin Mary Herself. Even after death, Sister Agreda continues to defy the rationalists and non-believers: her body is incorrupt and lies in her convent. Like a small number of deceased mystics and Catholic saints, the nun’s body refuses to naturally decay, even after 342 years. Here are excerpts from the popular abridgement of the City of God, translated from the original Spanish by Rev. Geo. J. Blatter

by Venerable Mary of Agreda

At the age of thirteen and a half years, Mary had an abstractive vision of God. In this vision, we might say, happened something similar to that which the holy Scriptures relate of Abraham, when God commanded him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, the only pledge of all his hopes. God tempted Abraham, says Moses (Gen. 12, 12), trying and probing the promptness of his obedience in order to reward it. We can say the same thing of our great Lady, that God tried Her in this vision, by commanding Her to enter the state of matrimony, even though She had often repeated and renewed the vow of chastity, which She had taken at such a premature age."

As I explained in my last post, Francis the Humble (not a Pharisee like the rest of us), has contradicted this revelation, given to a woman of eminent holiness, as well as the constant belief of Holy Mother Church.

Recently, in a book-length interview, Francis asserted that, “From the moment she was born until the Annunciation, to the moment she encountered the angel of God, I imagine her as a normal girl, a girl of today...I can’t say she a city-girl, because she is from a small town, but normal, educated normally, open to marrying, to starting a family.”

Are we to believe that virginity is "not normal"?  Are consecrated virgins somehow less than "normal" in the mind of Francis?

Having been trained in scholastic philosophy, sometimes my questions are hard.  An occupational hazard if you will.

The more I hear from Francis, the more alarmed I become.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When in the beginning of his tyrannical reign Francis said to Scalfari that atheists who do good deeds go to heaven and that hell doesn't exist, I became very alarmed.

Without a theological education I knew immediately that Berogoglio was not a catholic. I knew it with certainty, because it was clear that he rejected at least some elements of the catholic faith. From that point on, nothing he has said or done surprised or alarmed me, because it is all very common in masonic, one-religion-promoting circles. He frequently manipulates the Word of God in his intellectually wanting homilies, all to make it fit his political agendas and a vision of a changing god, one who is subordinate to his whims and "narratives".

Cyn M said...

Dorota, I concur, 100%.You said all I was thinking, and more. God have mercy on your faithful remnant.

Liam Ronan said...

The Blessed Virgin Mary was a consecrated Virgin. The Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple is celebrated in the Church calendar on November 21 every year.

It is plain that Francis is heretical. Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God, hasten to deliver us! You ought read these excellent links on the subject:


See also:


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