Friday, August 16, 2019

Francis: Our Lady of Fatima was wrong

Once again, Francis is contradicting Our Lady of Fatima on sins of the flesh.  See here.  Two years ago, I addressed this error.  See here.

In a talk entitled "Legalism, Moral Truth and Pastoral Practice" given at a 1990 symposium in Philadelphia, Dr. Germain Grisez explained to those present that, "Theologians and pastors who dissent from received Catholic teaching think they are rejecting legalism because they set aside what they think are mere rules in favor of what they feel are more reasonable standards. Their views are thoroughly imbued with legalism, however. For dissenters think of valid moral norms as rules formulated to protect relevant values. Some even make their legalism explicit by denying that there is any necessary connection between moral goodness (which they restrict to the transcendental level of a love with no specific content) and right action (which they isolate at the categorical level of inner-worldly behavior). But whether their legalism is explicit or not, all the dissenters hold that specific moral norms admit exceptions whenever, all things considered, making an exception seems the best - or least bad - thing to do. Most dissenters also think that specific moral norms that were valid in times past can be inappropriate today, and so they regard the Church’s contested moral teachings as outdated rules that the Church should change."

This is the attitude of Francis, the revolutionary who wants the teachings of the Lord Jesus to change.  See here.

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Cyn M said...

Francis has proven time and time again that he has no fear of God.He is puffed up with his own pride and opinions.This is a bad enough sin in a lay person, but he holds the office of the pope, and is held to uphold the support and teaching of true Catholic doctrine. Unbelievable arrogance!

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