Friday, April 03, 2020

Ecclesiastical Masonry is revealing its true face as Francis drops Vicar of Christ title

Ecclesiastical Masonry's hour has arrived.  The plan is reaching its fulfillment.  The stage is being set for the Man of Sin.  Pretense is no longer required.  See here.

The Masonic plan for more than a century has been to elect a false pope to deliver the Church up to sin and he who comes in his own filthy name (John 5:43).

In the end, this Dark Church will fail. God has other plans.  But Jesus's promise that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against
His Church does not mean that the Adversary will not have much success in pulling a significant portion of the Church down with him (CCC, 675).

Remain under the sure refuge which is the Immaculata.  The Turis Davidica will protect your faith.  Pray the Rosary daily.  Consecrate yourself and your loved ones to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Place yourself under Our Savior's Precious Blood.  Remain in the Sacraments.  Do Penance.

The Demon has launched his final campaign against Our Savior, His sinless Mother and her children..


Kathleen1031 said...

He has demonstrated who he is so many times during this farce of a papacy. So many have seen through his façade, and been horrified. But how awful there are so many who still do not understand, who idolize him, still call him "Holy Father", and mean it. But there are many Catholics who think you can vote for the Democrat platform and still be Catholic.
These are incomprehensible days, and only a firm foundation helps us.

Jack said...

"I will not send them a Shepherd but a Destroyer"
(Prophecy of Saint Francis)

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