Monday, November 26, 2007

Anti-Semitism to top talks at 2008
Roman Catholic Bishops' summit

For years I have been warning about the rising tide of global anti-Semitism and in particular the rise of anti-Semitism amongst so-called "Traditional Catholic groups." While most have welcomed my efforts, others (those who define themselves as "traditional Catholics" and who have embraced the ideology of the late Father Leonard Feeney - popularly known by many as "The Hate Priest") have referred to me as a "turncoat," and a "traitor" toward the Church and have chided me for having friends at the ADL. The Associated Press is now reporting that "The need to step up the fight against anti-Semitism will be a key issue for the world's Roman Catholic Bishops at a meeting at the Vatican next year." Source:

I won't say I told you so. Oh what the heck: I told you so.

Let us all give thanks to the Lord Jesus for this happy development and for His wonderful gift to the Church: Pope Benedict XVI!



Anonymous said...

Paul, this is definitely going to be a very important synod next year. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. And the problem needs to be addressed by the Church. This is exciting news

Anonymous said...

The Church is always leading the way against hatred and violence. This summit should be really fascinating. Let's pray that it will result in more Christians and others of good will opposing anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

Karl Keating admits that there are probably around 20,000"traditional Catholics" who are anti-semitic. And that's just in the United States! That's the population of a small city. This is a very serious problem which has to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

New Keene State College Blog here:

A most welcome addition. Looks like people are finally waking up to the dangers of the SBC cult. Paul, your hard work is bearing fruit. Praise be to Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

Paul, I just posted this at the Keene Blog and SBC Watch. It would appear that the Cohen Center is twisting the facts about the Church's teaching on Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. What a shame.

Keene State College's Cohen Center for Holocaust studies has just initiated a new Blog. And I commend Keene State College for attempting to educate students and the general populace about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. However,at this Blog there are two articles from SBC Watch but absolutely no mention of either Paul Anthony Melanson or his excellent Blog La Salette Journey.

But there is this bit of misinformation:

"The St. Benedict Center, home base to the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the religious community known also as the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center, sees itself as the guardian of traditional Roman Catholic truth, especially the pre-Vatican II teaching extra ecclesiam nulla salus — “outside the Church there is no salvation.”

But the Church NEVER taught the interpretation of this Dogma which the SBC teaches. Therefore, this is a falsehood. The Cohen Center would realize this had they taken the time to read Paul Melanson's articles at La Salette Journey. This they didn't do. Perhaps because Paul is a Catholic and this fact doesn't fit in with their conception of the Catholic Church or their desire to portray all Catholics as being anti-Semitic?

Those responsible for producing this Blog should take the time to check their facts. For example, the August 8, 1949 letter from the Holy Office to then Archbishop Cushing explained the Church’s understanding of the Dogma and this some 14 years before Vatican II.

Let’s all hope and pray that the Cohen Center will correct these facts and not sink to Catholic bashing. Let’s hope they will not continue to ignore the important work of Paul Anthony Melanson who has been exposing the anti-Semitism and distorted theology of the SBC for something like 17 years now. Or will his contribution simply be ignored because he is not a liberal and those who work at the Cohen Center believe that nothing good can come from a Catholic faithful to the Church?

Paul was a lone voice exposing the SBC for years. What a shame that his contribution is not considered noteworthy.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Susan, thank you for your kind note. As an Acadian Catholic, I know only too well what it means to belong to a people who have been deemed "less than human" at times. Although (thank God) we Acadian Catholics didn't experience a Holocaust as did the Jewish People. Still, many Acadians suffered greatly when the British simply decided they wanted their land.

Many Acadians (my ancestors among them) were murdered, imprisoned, tortured and deported - stripped of all their land and belongings. A little-known fact is that a huge portion of Nova Scotia belonged to the Melanson family. Now it doesn't. We didn't fare much better in the United States when we first arrived. Read here:


Truly, as it has been noted, the Acadians are still haunted from being an unwanted people. Just one of many reasons why I have always sympathized with the Jewish People.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I agree with you totally. The Cohen Center posted some really hateful things about the Church. I posted this response at the Keene Sentinel blog...

I just read a comment from Susan at La Salette Journey which is very troubling. It seems that the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies at Keene State College has started a new blog and that this blog is being used to spread incorrect information about the Catholic Church and its interpretation of "Outside the Church there is no salvation."

I visited this blog and found the following as well: "a religious hate group [ the SBC] that opposes the re-examination of traditional forms of antisemitism in Church teachings or its liturgies."

Traditional forms of anti-semitism in Church teachings or its liturgies?

Is this what the Cohen Center really wants to be about? Anti-Catholicism? If this situation continues, I plan on notifying the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Such a hateful attack on the Catholic Church is entirely inappropriate and will only serve to embolden SBC sympathizers who are anxious to portray its critics as "anti-Catholic."

The Cohen Center should be ashamed. What an outrage!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised. Keene State College is ultra liberal. It would be nice if the College could strive to remain objective. Perhaps that's expecting too much.

Anonymous said...

The person who "runs, manages, whatever" the Cohen Center is a practicing Roman Catholic. I don't believe they are twisting ANY facts, (at least I would hope not).
The Cohen Center is well aware of EENS and how it is taught at the St. Benedict Center. Not at all in the teachings of the true Roman Catholic Church. There is no Catholic-bashing coming from the Cohen Center, not with a Roman Catholic in charge.

Anonymous said...

I would disagree. What does the Cohen Center mean by "traditional forms of antisemitism in Church teachings or its liturgies." I take that as anti-Catholicism. The Catholic Church has never been anti-Semitic in its teaching or liturgy. Have there been anti-Semitic Catholics? Sure. But there hae also been anti-Catholic Jews. Does that mean that Judaism is anti-Catholic in its teachings and worship services?

I say give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Susan, there is something else which bothers me. Not only were anti-Catholic comments posted at sbc watch by Tom Matson and a few others, but there is a post asking what a "Catholic America" would look like. Imagine if the post were titled "What would a Jewish America look like?" and quoted extensively from the Talmud?

I mean, what is driving sbc watch and the cohen center now? I hope it's not going to be Catholic bashing time. This will only hurt the cause.

Anonymous said...

Please do not jump to conclusions with respect to the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College. Before you make accusations, you MUST educate yourselves. Please visit the center and attend the Dec. 6th Teach In. Those who study at the Center and work at the Center are some of the finest people I have ever met. And anonymous is correct, Tom White is a Roman Catholic and is very close with those at the Arch Diocese of Manchester. He is highly respected and I would urge all of you to ask those at the Arch Diocese about all the fine work being done by Tom and others. You will be very pleased.

I am not familiar with the sentence you are refering to in the Director's letter. I will take the time to review and share my thoughts with you on this.

The Cohen Center, the NH Interfaith Councel, teh NH Humanities Councel and others are reaching out to all to help Richmond residents and the greater community. PLEASE don't make this out to be a negative when it is such a positive.

Thank you.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Anonymous,

I never jump to conclusions. It is the mark of either an uneducated mind or a personality prone to rash judgment to do so. Having said that, I share the concerns of some, as expressed at the Keene Sentinel Blog, with regard to the Center.

The quotations cited by both Marie Tremblay and Susan concern me greatly. And it is my hope that these will be addressed appropriately.

It is always helpful to actually know something about the Church and her teaching before jumping to any conclusions about her. Hopefully this matter will be treated with the serious attention which it deserves.

Anonymous said...

It pains me beyond words to see the reaction to what has made so many at the Cohen Center and the town of Richmond so very proud. For so long now, SBC has pointed their fingers at what they perceived to be a "small group of individuals with an agenda." (ie: Paul Melanson and "the vocal few" from Richmond). They touted us as a small hate goup and dehumanized us. They saw nothing we said as legitimate.

Now, the larger community has come into the fold. By sponsoring a Teach In, the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies which is comprised of many highly respected individuals in the Monadnock Region of a variety of faiths, are taking a stand. They are recognizing that there is a legitimate concern and they are validating this. They are hoping that they can help us find the hospitality within us even if it will not be returned.

Perhaps the Cohen Center's entries did not mention this blog or quote from this blog. That is okay. If they had not quoted from sbcwatch it would not have bothered Russ or me. We would have been just as proud to know that everyone's efforts have not be in vain. And I do mean everyone!

It is my sincere hope that we can all work together. If there is a misquote or an interpretation that is up for debate, can we just try to share our views or ask questions without pointing fingers or being overly sensitive? I believe when we do this there is far more benefit to all.

As I see it, there are three distinct parts to the opposition of SBC. You may not all agree with me, but please hear me out.

One part is the issue that is unique only to Richmond and that is the issue of the expansion of SBC. That involves land use and town governance. Those who want to retain the rural character of their town have a keen interest as do those who believe in Democracy and not the overthrow of our government into the hands of any one religious group. This is very real to us here in Richmond. It probably is not as real to those outside our town. This is understandable.

The second part is the issue of the SBC's legitimacy in the Catholic Church and it's interpretation of the dogma. I cannot speak in depth on this. I can, however, speak to the fact that this is of deep and signficant importance to Paul, others who subscribe to this blog, and to practicing Catholics living in Richmond. This is evident whenever you all share your thoughts and you are to be commended for your passion. This part, though, may not be as large a part of the opposition for those who are not of the Catholic Faith. That, too, is understandable.

The third part is one that transcends, in my opinion, liberalism or conservatism, the political or the apathetic, the religious or the secular. And this part, must be part of each and every one of us as challengers or activists or opposers of the SBC. This part is that of denying the Holocaust. And this part, is where, I believe, the larger community is now really opening their eyes. I am grateful for this.

I would like to ask that, while we may be more passionate about one, two or all three parts of the issue at hand, that we try to work together toward our goals Let's work with and not against the Cohen Center. Let's work with and not against those of you who are Roman Catholic. Let's work with and not against the people of Richmond.

Check out what Roger Vaste had to say. He is spot on! Our efforts are bearing fruit!

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Victoria, you wrote that, "It is my sincere hope that we can all work together. If there is a misquote or an interpretation that is up for debate, can we just try to share our views or ask questions without pointing fingers or being overly sensitive?"

This issue runs much deeper than that. As the Catholic League has so meticulously documented, there are those who have an anti-Catholic agenda and who engage in historical revisionism as a form of bigotry. This isn't a case of being "overly sensitive." It represents a direct attack on the Catholic Church.

What does the Cohen Center mean when it refers to, "traditional forms of antisemitism in Church teachings or its liturgies"? Does the Cohen Center believe and teach that the teachings of the Catholic Church were responsible for the Holocaust? Which liturgy exactly is "anti-Semitic"? Is this an attack against the Latin Mass? And if so, does the Cohen Center consider Pope Benedict XVI to be anti-Semitic for issuing a Motu Proprio granting greater use of this Mass?

One has to wonder what motivated these hateful accusations. If the Cohen Cente really wants to advance hospitality, then they should refrain from making false allegations aimed at alienating Catholics.

I agree that we should all work together. But we need clarification from the Cohen Center and soon. Otherwise, the Center will be seen as using the Holocaust to further anti-Catholicism and to discredit the Church.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all confident that the cohen center at keene state college will be fair and examine its own confused views. A person purporting to be from this center wrote an anonymous comment and said: "Tom White is a Roman Catholic and is very close with those at the Arch Diocese of Manchester. He is highly respected and I would urge all of you to ask those at the Arch Diocese about all the fine work being done by Tom and others. You will be very pleased."

Manchester is not an Archdiocese. It is a Diocese. If the center can't even get something so basic about the Church right, I am not very confident about their approach to history.

And this doesn't bode well for Catholic-Jewish relations. I hope they amend thier blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Victoria is right. Those of us who are practicing Roman Catholics, live in Richmond and have been hard at work lo these many months exposing the SBC are more than happy to have the Cohen center host the up-coming "Teach-In" on Dec. 6. It has to do with hospitality towards all. There is no Anti-Catholicism. Maybe just a little over sensitivity on the part of those who are reading prejudice where there is none. Give the Cohen Center a chance before relegating them to the same level as the SBC!!
Again, I am a practicing Roman Catholic!!

Anonymous said...

Max, when the SBC was attacking its opponents with ugly or inappropriate labels such as "local enemies" or "local belligerents," or "zoophiles," you and others rightly reacted with indignation.

But now that we who are Catholic are the ones being attacked (and more importantly OUR CHURCH WHICH IS ACTUALLY CHRIST'S BODY) you write, "There is no Anti-Catholicism. Maybe just a little over sensitivity on the part of those who are reading prejudice where there is none. Give the Cohen Center a chance before relegating them to the same level as the SBC!!"

Now no one has yet compared the Cohen Center with the SBC. But I'm beginning to think that comparison might not be far off. Over sensitivity? We Catholics witness our Church being accused of anti-Semitism and are labelled as mentally ill if we don't accept homosexuality and you call us overly sensitive?

Please Max. Our feelings are no less valid than yours. We don't like being unjustly attacked any more than you do. And we certainly don't like it when Our Lord is attacked. Every attack on His Church is an attack on Him.

Anonymous said...

At the Keene blog,

Richmond Rising wrote: "..those of Paul's followers who are pointing fingers should have gone to the Cohen Center folks before making the claims they have made against the Center. It is a real shame."

This is a profoundly childish remark. First of all, Paul isn't the leader of a group like Louis Villarrubia. He doesn't have "followers." He has readers who frequent his Blog, a rather tiny bit of acreage out there in cyber space.

Secondly, what does Richmond Rising mean by “claims..against the Center”? Words have meaning. And the Cohen Center has posted some pretty offensive comments to those of us who love our Church. If you want to hate Paul Melanson or not visit his Blog, that is your privilege. But don’t write off people’s serious concerns by suggesting that they are “followers” of Paul Melanson. That is insulting. It is to suggest that we cannot think for ourselves.

Why not address the points Paul raises? Or is there some reason you are afraid of doing so?

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