Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is a hacker attempting to find out where I live?

I am not a paranoid person. In fact, I try to look for the good in everyone. However, something strange recently happened. A comment was left at this Blog - under the "Continued dishonesty at the SBC Richmond" post - purporting to have been written by Mr. Russell Provost and including his email address. The writer of this comment said (in part): "Big issue coming up is the benefit concert for the SBC being held at Keene State College on December 6th. There will be a big protest.I think it is time we meet in person. I am usually off Thursday and Friday."

I responded to this post by writing an email to Russell Provost at the email address provided. I received no response and found this to be very peculiar. Then I noticed something even more strange: the comment had been deleted by the author. Was this an individual attempting to procure my home address? All the more disturbing since I have received threats at this Blog. One suggested that I should have an "accident" while another said that I should be "silenced forever."

Happily, I did not include my address when I responded to the email address provided with this comment. I did tell the author of the comment (who I had assumed was in fact Russell Provost) that I would meet him in Rindge, New Hampshire since I had errands to accomplish in that area anyway.

As I mentioned above, this comment was deleted by the author. Is someone hijacking Russell Provost's email address in an attempt to find out where I live? If there is anyone with advanced computer knowledge on this subject, I would appreciate any assistance you might be able to offer. I still have the email notification that someone purporting to be Russell Provost left a comment at this Blog as well as my email response to this individual.

Meanwhile, at the SBC Watch Blog, someone left a comment referring to myself and Russell Provost (and others opposing the SBC cult) as the Devil's "minions." This is particularly troubling since those who are planning violence against a person or persons will often attempt to demonize the person or persons in an effort to rationalize any intended violence.

Thank you.


Sanctus Belle said...

I commend you and your family, your home and workplace to the prayers of Mary most sorrowful, and also St. Michael the Archangel. I pray for your protection and for God's blessing upon you all.

Don't forget the power of exorcism salt, holy water and the scapular. Make sure all in your family wear them and get often to confession to keep the devil away from you.

This is very alarming, but fear not. We are never to fear evil but only sin. Death but not sin!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Excellent advice Sanctus. I believe in - and practice - all of those. Thank you for your prayers and support.

God love you.

Anonymous said...

Paul, it is entirely possible that someone hijacked Russell's Blogger account to both post and then delete that comment. After all, if it had really been him, he would have responded to your email.

Since opposing the SBC cult, my junk emails have greatly increased. Whereas I used to get maybe 10-12 of these every week, now I get more than 500 in a week.

Seems a bit too "coincidental" in my opinion. I went for years getting very little of these. But since speaking out against the SBC cult, I am getting swamped. Perhaps I shouldn't have included my email address with my comments at SBC Watch and the Keene Blog.

Now I get hundreds of junk emails for porn, lotteries claiming that my email address "won" a sweepstakes from the United Kingdon etc.

Anonymous said...

Things are really getting weird. Imagine someone calling SBC critics the devil's minions? Opposing anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and a pseudo-Catholic cult makes you a minion of the devil? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Russell wouldn't leave a message and then delete it. And he wouldn't not respond to your email Paul. I agree...something's up here. Maybe law enforcement should be made aware?

Anonymous said...

The deleted comment was written by SBCTracker using a Blogger account and was then deleted using the same account. This is VERY STRANGE indeed!

Anonymous said...

Paul, I hope that you've been in touch with Russ to try to clear this mystery up. Unfortunately, one cannot be to careful today, especially with the goings on in Richmond. Stay safe!!

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