Saturday, June 24, 2006

Manchester NH Catholics petition God for an end to the priest shortage

During a "Seventh Trumpet Mass" at Veteran's Memorial Park in Manchester on Sunday, June 18th, Rev. Jason Jalbert (who has just been named Vocation Director for the Diocese), was quoted by the Manchester Union Leader as having said that, "His plan [the father of lies] would be to see no priests and no Eucharist, because when there is no source of light, there is only darkness and death."

How true. But why then have so many orthodox candidates been turned away from the priesthood? Why have so many been persecuted because they refused to accept (or even engage in) a homosexual lifestyle?

Fr. Jalbert, in his interview for the Manchester Union Leader, blamed parents for the lack of vocations suggetsing that in the past, "Parents encouraged their sons to become priests . . . We don't live in those times anymore."

Fr. Jalbert made no mention of the fact that 28 priests from the Diocese and 3 others have been accused of sexual abuse; that there have been 176 claims and that the Diocese has paid out $15.5 million dollars to settle these cases:

No, it's far easier to blame parents. In fact, Fr. Jalbert told the lay people in attendance at this "Seventh Trumpet Mass" that their prayer should be: "Lord, make it new for me. Amaze me, Lord. Set me on fire, Lord." This reminds me of what Jesus told the people of His day (regarding the Pharisees), "Do as they say, not as they do."

The Union Leader reports that a bystander at the "Seventh Trumpet" event, Mr. Joe Flynn of Townsend, Massachusetts, "was having a drink at O.K. Parker's when he saw the procession" and that, having discovered that the congregants had gathered to pray for more priests, quipped, "I hope they get the right ones."

I hope so too Joe. In fact, such is my daily prayer.

Until next time,
God love you
Paul Anthony Melanson


Wendy said...

It's always the laity who receive the blame when things are going poorly. But if a parish or diocese does well, the clergy will take the credit.

Likewise, when a parish isn't doing well financially, the pastor will tell the congregation "It's your parish, you need to support it." But if that same parish is slated for closure, it's the Bishop's property corporation sole.

Attitudes must change.

Alec T. said...

What Michael Rose clearly demonstrated in his book "Goodbye, Good Men," is that orthodox candidates to the priesthood will be persecuted and even shunned entirely.

Others who refuse to condone the sin of homosexuality or those seminarians who engage in it will also be singled out.

Would Jesus approve of this?

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all that you've said. I returned to the Church 10 years ago and live in the Manchester,NH diocese. The "teaching" in this diocese is barely Catholic. Innovative rites, rituals, and politically-correct homilies are the acceptable ways of "teaching". My husband and I have had to confront a Catholic school and 3 parishes about abuses and have always been met with hostility.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I'm really very sorry (but not surprised) to hear that anonymous. Until there is a return to fidelity to the Lord Jesus, the Diocese of Manchester will remain in crisis.

Anonymous said...

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