Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pope Pius XII of happy memory: Hero of World War II

I was defending His Holiness from the slanderous and unjust attacks against his person in the 1980's. I know the Rev. Albert J. Nevins was doing so during this time as well. At the time, I was ridiculed for doing so. Then a spate of scholarly works began to emerge in the 1990's which decimated the historical revisionism and outright lies of certain unhappy individuals who were determined (because of their own poor scholarship or a perverse agenda) to discredit this great Pontiff.

The truth has a power of its own. In the end, every lie will crumble before the truth. A lie may seem to triumph for a time just as tyrants seem invincible for a time. But in the end, tyrants and lies face the same end. The truth will always prevail....always.

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