Thursday, July 26, 2007

Web of hate

Stormfront, a well-known White Supremacist hate group published this anti-Semitic article some time back:

Now it would appear that Stormfront is defending the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire while attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Readers of this Blog will recall how Stormfront quoted from Douglas Bersaw ["Brother" Anthony Mary, former SBC "Prefect"] at its website in the past.


Anonymous said...

First this hate group quotes from Bersaw now they are defending the SBC? What exactly is the relationship between these groups?

Anonymous said...

It is very telling that Stormfront would be coming to the defense of the SBCult. I wonder if any SBC members are also members of stormfront or other Aryan/Neo-Nazi groups?

Tom said...

sorry to use this means to contact you , but I don't have your email address.

I'm betting you know some one who is subscriber to the "National Catholic Register" .

If so,could you post this article on your blog, or provide me a copy of it or ask one of your readers to access it for us?
Lawyers Target Religious Order

this request has no connection withyour post "web of hate"


Paul Anthony Melanson said...


Wouldn't you know that I just let my NCR subscription lapse. I have so many periodicals that I subscribe to.

However, I have some good news. Mr. Laugesen may be read at

Responses (and I imagine requests for information) may be sent to:

I would think that Mr. Laugesen would be only too happy to forward you a copy.

By the way, I may be reached at: If you come across any more credible information on the SBC, drop me a lie and I will post.

And keep up the good work Tom.

God bless you,

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

And to anyone who subscribes to the National Catholic Register and who may be reading this, could you help out Tom? If so, please email me at the email address above or contact Tom directly by accessing his profile at:

Tom often leaves informative posts there and by clicking on his name you will be taken to his profile. Tom authors a Blog entitled "Monadnock View."

Thanks all,

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