Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Homosexual activists seek to censor Catholic magazine

The intolerance of tolerance. Can't you just feel the love for "diversity"? Shame on this magazine for insisting that while homosexual persons should be respected and treated with compassion, homosexual acts are sinful. I mean, how dare they express their Catholic Faith in public.



Susan said...

More evidence of liberal "hospitality" toward Christianity and Christian belief. Since they cannot win a debate with an honest and well thought-out argument, they resort to censorship. And when that fails, there is always violence as an option. That's what the Communists have always done. Their solution for ending debates is to kill. Atheistic Humanism never changes its face really. It's a bit more subtle here in the United States. But only for the moment. And its' intolerance is its hallmark.

Alexis said...

Why do these activists want to suppress Catholic teaching? Are they so bitter against the Church? Why the animosity?

Michael Cole said...

Victoria Provost's hypocrisy is just sickening. If the SBC put up a post or comment at its website describing the Jews in the following manner, she would be condemning it at every turn:

"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a Jew-ridden people maintaining a free civil government, and, In every country and in every age, the Jew has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. May it be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all), the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which Jewish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government.."

But because the word Jew wasn't used in Tom Matson's quotation but the word "priest" was, that's just fine with Victoria. Victoria is no better in my opinion than Louis Villarrubia. He said Jews "undermine public morality." Apparently Victoria believes that priests undermine liberty and foster "monkish ignorance and superstition." Is this what she means when she warns against "theocracy"?

Ellen Wironken said...

I read Victoria Provost's rant at the Keene weblog and posted my response to it. In my opinion, her comments are long on emotional appeal and short on substance.

"I am very disappointed with Victoria's dishonesty. In her recent comment here she wrote: "My suggestion would be to take Mr. Majoy up on his offer to come to Richmond. Meet with those you accuse. Perhaps you will find that you have jumped to conclusions. Ask these folks why they said what they said or did what they did. You might find the explanation to be far different from your assumptions. There is far too much of your criticism that is questionable at best. The individuals don't have their own websites, mission statements, newsletters and so on as does SBC. One can draw factually from those mediums but very little from one or two statements or from an action like not removing a comment which has a few historical interpretations."

I have read an email written by Mr. Melanson taking Mr. Majoy up on his offer to speak at a Holocaust evening to be held in Richmond. This offer was extended through a woman named Terri who works for a church in Winchester. Why was this offer rescinded? Mr. Majoy insists that it wasn't. But the email written two months ago proves otherwise. But then, I had my concerns over Mr. Majoy after he defended a really despicable quotation left at the SBC Watch weblog.

And what is meant by Victoria's claim that: "There is far too much of your criticism that is questionable at best.." Really? Which part? The criticism that Mr. Henry Knight should not have referred to Church teaching as "anti-Semitic"? That's a very sound criticism to me. How is this criticism questionable Victoria? Have you presented your case to Mr. Melanson? Do you even have a case? Or what about the criticism that Mr. Tom White shouldn't have presented Pope Pius XII's record during the Holocaust as questionable? Again, that's a very sound criticism to me. How is this criticism questionable Victoria? Have you presented your case to Mr. Melanson? Do you even have a case?

You see what I'm getting at Victoria? You are the one jumping to conclusions. Don't argue with the historical record Victoria. You're not up to the challenge. The facts are the facts.

Please refrain from slandering those of us who have a problem with anti-Catholicism. You need to clean your own house."

Margaret said...

I think Paul Melanson deserves to be commended for asking difficult questions and for refuting certain anti-Catholic ideas which only serve to cloud any debates. His presentation of the historical record has been just superb. The proof of this is that no one has been able to provide an intelligent argument to refute what he has said. In fact, no one has even tried. But then, how can one argue with the facts of history? Jewish leaders praised Pope Pius XII for his condemnation of National Socialism and the Church for speaking out and rescuing Jewish lives. The Papal apologies, as Paul has proven beyond any and all doubt, were for Catholics who may have engaged in anti-Semitism but not for the Church herself. At no time has the Church ever taught anti-Semitism as Mr. Henry Knight has posited.

I know that those zealots with an axe to grind against the Church and who want to promote abortion and homosexuality while denigrating religious belief will continue to slander Paul. But in so doing they will not offer us anything of real value. They will not build up community but will only tear it down with their angry and immature rhetoric.

Alan said...

Militant homosexual activists, haters of God and His Eternal Law, will not be satisfied until they have sanitized every reference to God and His Eternal Law from the Public Square and have achieved total indoctrination of every student in the public schools. The homosexual movement is a hate movement.

Ellen Wironken said...

Paul, I left the following comment at the Keene Sentinel weblog. It is clear that the anti-Catholics who visit that site have nothing to offer. I would suggest that Catholics refrain from visiting the website. It's a waste of time. They don't respond with intelligent arguments. Only emotional and hateful attacks.

We have seen how a small local faction of militant anti-Catholics became angry at Paul Melanson because they cannot answer his articles at La Salette Journey. And so, these anti-Catholic bigots have continued - and continue - to attack his character and good name. Thereby providing further evidence of their anti-Catholicism. Now, in a state of total desperation, one individual has implied that Paul Melanson "may be anti-Semitic." This even though he has spent years of his life fighting anti-Semitism. And when these anti-Catholics - haters of objectivity and common sense - argued that Paul didn't accept Pete Majoy's invitation to speak at his "Holocaust Course," they were told that they could obtain an email which proves that he did. But these anti-Catholic bigots aren't interested in truth. Only in bashing the Catholic Church and Paul Melanson because he has defended the Church so well that they cannot give answer. One of these "lovers of truth" wrote, "If you don't stop insisting that people obtain some copy of an email I'm gonna puke. Who cares????"

No one is insisting that you obtain this email. We know already that you are not interested in truth. And we understand fully, we really do. Thinking is hard work. And we wouldn't want you to tax your already strained intellect.

We know that truth means nothing to you. If it did, you would address the historical facts which Paul Melanson has used to refute your tired arguments and to highlight the lack of moral integrity and intellectual honesty at Keene State.

End game. You lose. But thank you for admitting how extensive your paucity of intellect really is.

William said...

Ellen, these people definitely are not interested in seeking truth. That's why they prefer the lie that Paul didn't accept Pete Majoy's invitation to speak and will not look for - or accept - evidence that contradicts their own preference for the lie. Have nothing to do with them. They are not on the side of truth.

Sanctus Belle said...

The more I hear these stories, hear the anti-clericism/anti-Christian propaganda on TV/internet/radio....its sounds more and more to me like drums. Drums beating, driving the army of evil marching against us.

Michelle said...

SB, me too. You can almost feel the heavy winds of hate and persecution beginning to blow. I really and truly believe that the Church will be underground soon. There are so many who want to commit violence against us. There is a dark mood in the air.

Stewart said...

Atheists are the REAL Theocrats:


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Alan, there is indeed much intolerance. We need to pray for these people to be released from this sinful "lifestyle."

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